To use Screen InStyle Server, the monitors must be compatible with the Screen InStyle software and connected to a client PC.

Managing monitors and PCs in the network

Screen InStyle Server: Server application for network monitor management
Screen InStyle Server is a browser-based management tool that allows monitors connected to the network to be managed centrally.

Screen InStyle Server supports efficient inventory management. Administrators can view information such as the number, model or serial number and operating status of all monitors connected to the network. This allows them to plan when monitors need to be replaced based on their total hours of use, for example.

Data from PCs such as the operating system, user name or IP address can also be accessed. Monitor and PC information can be exported to Excel and transferred to another management software.

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Monitor PC
Model Manufacturer
Serial number Modelll
Power On / Power Off Serial number
Monitor usage time Computer name
Brightness User name
Colour mode Operating system
Colour settings IP address
Power saving settings MAC address
Button lock Power supply
Available information about monitors and PCs in the network
Display monitor and PC information with Screen InStyle Server.
Information about monitors (e.g., model, serial number, colour mode) and PC data (e.g., operating system, user name, IP address) can be selected and displayed when needed.

Control display settings

Screen InStyle Server: Optimal display modes for individual user groups
System administrators can set up optimal display modes for individual user groups.

Monitor settings such as colour mode or brightness can be set for individual monitors or entire departments. This is useful for setting up the ergonomic conditions for each workstation. 

Screen InStyle Server is also advantageous for larger rollouts because it allows basic settings to be set up centrally all at once for individual users or user groups. It can prevent unintentional changes to the settings made by the user.

Screen InStyle Server: Pull-down menu for the settings of each connected monitor.
The settings menu of each connected monitor can be accessed via a pull-down menu.
Screen InStyle Server: Sending a command to the connected monitor
Commands to the selected target monitors are sent via the monitor settings.

Optimise power consumption

Screen InStyle Server: Define sleep mode for monitors and Pcs.
Monitors and PC go into sleep mode after a certain period of time.

Screen InStyle Server gives device administrators the option of reducing the total power consumption of connected PCs and monitors.

The devices can be set up to go automatically into sleep mode after a certain period of time without user interaction, which saves power.

Automatic lock for greater security

Screen InStyle Server: Automatically locks network PCs
The lock functionality for PCs can be controlled centrally with Screen InStyle Server.

Users often forget to lock their PC when they leave their workstation. Screen InStyle Server enables network PCs to send an automatic lock command after a predefined period of time without interaction. This increases the security in office environments.


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Supported operating systems Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2(64-bit), Windows 10(64-bit), Windows 8.1(64-bit), Windows 7 SP1(64-bit)
PC Compatible with the system requirements of the operating systems
Supported browsers Internet Explorer, Chrome
Supported monitors EV3895, EV3285, EV3237, EV2795, EV2785, EV2780, EV2760, EV2750, EV2495, EV2490, EV2480, EV2460, EV2457, EV2456, EV2455, EV2451, EV2450
Resolution 1280 x 1024 or higher
  • Screen InStyle Server

    The Screen InStyle Server application allows system administrators to manage and control monitors and PCs connected to the network.