The project

End of the year 2021, the state-of-the-art EP Lab was installed and has become an icon for the hospital.
The EP Lab is composed of three elements: an operating area, a control room, and a server area. GEHC was commissioned to equip the OR, EIZO has defined the cockpit solution and was responsible of its installation. EIZO worked in close cooperation with GEHC throughout the project from planning to installation.

The EIZO solution

In the operating area the EIZO 4K monitor RadiForce LS580W was installed, allowing electrophysiologists to see all necessary information on the 58-inch widescreen in one glance. This allows them to be more efficient as no supplementary actions need to be performed to obtain all the patient’s data.

Monitore im Einsatz

From the control room all the visual elements are grouped and sent to the large monitor in the operating area. The operators use three EIZO RadiForce RX660-LM monitors with 6 MP resolution and 30-inch size each, combining all video sources that previously needed to be visualized on 8 or more monitors. In this way there is more desk space, which in turn decreases the need for a large control room.

In the server room two EIZO Large Monitor Manager LMM0802 are built in the server rack. They bundle all the video sources and stream them to the control room.

This EIZO visual solution allows combining all available video sources, arranging and control them from the workspaces in the control room and managing the display of the large screen in the operating room. This allows a very efficient and smooth workflow, high flexibility and great comfort for providing necessary information at the right time to the operating team.


After the installation, the hospital’s staff received an introduction to the system by the GEHC project manager who has been trained by EIZO before. The feedback and the experiences are very positive, since the new EP Lab offers more comfortability for patients and operators.

Imelda Krankenhaus OP Saal EIZO Monitor

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