Interview with Alan Baird,
Senior Core Communications Engineer at ETS

Alan Baird, Senior Core Communications Engineer (ETS)

EIZO: Tell us about the issues you are addressing with this installation.

Alan Baird (Senior Core Communications Engineer bei ETS): Currently we have roughly 1100 cameras across the system with multiple generations of products. University LRT Station is a large underground station and we monitor many different levels – the main platform area where the trains come in, the mezzanine and the concourse area. The majority of our patrons going through there are students and faculty of the University of Alberta.

We were looking at some of our stairwells where you potentially have people late at night, not sure if there’s somebody inside there waiting for them. Putting in the EIZO monitors has allowed our patrons to have more situational awareness in those stairwells. Before they enter a stairwell, the monitor is right there, and they can decide whether they want to go that way. I think people typically feel safer just having that presence and knowing that the area is being monitored, so this is one of the things that we are doing to try and facilitate that.

Edmonton Transit Service - EIZO Case Study
EIZO IP Decoding monitor

How has the EIZO solution benefitted ETS in terms of the physical installation?

The big challenge at that station was that it is an older station fitted with analogue cameras, so we have a lot of coax cable. In making the transition from analogue to IP, getting IP connections to these cables can be somewhat problematic. The biggest issue with working in these types of older stations is trying to replace the cabling. With the EIZO monitors, we could connect them directly to the network via Ethernet and manage them remotely with the Genetec VMS. So we avoided analogue to IP issues and improved the setup. The monitors are also very good since they do not require a Windows box or another computer that we would have to maintain and protect. Everything is integrated into the monitor and that additionally reduces the system’s vulnerability from a cyber security perspective.

How has the EIZO plugin for Genetec Security Centre benefitted the system?

Our old analogue system was limited. There were no remote capabilities to change cameras if we needed to and that was becoming very difficult for us to manage and maintain. The fact that the EIZO monitor was able to integrate into Genetec seamlessly with the plugin was really key. Being able to easily just drag and drop to make changes and to see the status of the monitor when you log in through the web interface is very helpful – that remote manageability makes things a lot easier from a maintenance standpoint. Shifting to a more centralised VMS solution from Genetec and the EIZO monitors has meant that we no longer need as much equipment in all the stations, and that I can do more from my office without having to go out to site. It makes things a lot more efficient.

Genetec VMS Alan Baird

Do you have any considerations for additional future installations of EIZO products?

One of the things we would like to do is put monitors in a few locations where we have access control, such as facilities with a gate or a door. We would put it near the desk of the receptionist, for example, so they can see who is there before they let them in. Again, we would not have to put in another computer. Another use case would be to use them as a replacement for our large video walls – driving multiple video sources in our control room and sending alerts from Genetec to the monitor. Something like a pop-up that displays on a monitor somewhere else with important notifications for our security staff.

To sum it all up, what are the main benefits of choosing the EIZO and Genetec solution?

The main benefits of the partnership that we have with EIZO and Genetec is maintaining the security of our patrons and keeping the system running smoothly. The more we can do for our controllers to make their jobs easier and more efficient, the better.

Edmonton train
Edmonton Bridge Train

EIZO discussed the installation at ETS
with additional technology partners.

Alan McIsaac, Business Development Manager (Convergint Technologies)

Convergint Technologies is a global systems integrator working with Edmonton Transit Service to provide the best solutions to meet their needs.

"‘One of the things we see with the EIZO and Genetec partnership specifically is the advantages that we can bring to the client through reduced backend infrastructure – reducing the total cost of ownership and increasing efficiencies."

- Alan McIsaac
Business Development Manager

Alfonso Robinson, Director (Davacon Systems Ltd.)

Davacon Systems Ltd. is a subcontractor for Convergint Technologies that works closely with EIZO and other partners to deploy technical solutions to its customers, such as ETS.

"EIZO caught my eye because it addressed a very critical point that ETS had, and that was the very difficult transition from analogue to IP. Once it was integrated with Genetec, it gave us a very unique way to move forward."

- Alfonso Robinson

Genetec Logo

The plugin designed by EIZO and Genetec was the result of highly requested end user requirements. The plugin provides added value with enhanced capabilities for the greater security framework, through the centralised management of EIZO IP decoding monitors via the Genetec Security Centre platform. More informationen about the Genetec Security Centre.

Louis-René Bergeron. Commercial Lead, SDK / Add-On Integrations (Genetec)

"This project involved close cooperation between the R&D offices of EIZO in Japan and Genetec in Montreal. The collaboration led to creative thinking and, ultimately, deeper functionality of the products. The experience has been positive in every way."

- Louis-René Bergeron
Commercial Lead, SDK / Add-On Integrations

Graham Meeres, Regional Sales Manager (Genetec)

"The EIZO plugin is very unique and something that the security industry has needed for a while. With the EIZO product, we are able to integrate right into the Genetec platform to easily display the cameras."

- Graham Meeres
Regional Sales Manager

Special thanks to Edmonton Transit Service and our technology partners for their cooperation.

Further product information

FDF2304W-IP DuraVision

 The 23 inch IP decoding monitor allows you to connect to security and surveillance cameras without a computer. It carries out control records for Axis (VAPIX) and Panasonic IP cameras in keeping with the ONVIF standard.

  • 58 cm (23 Inches)
  • 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • IPS
  • 58 cm (23 Inches)
  • 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • IPS

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