EIZO FlexScan EV2456 for a modern workplace

GWG office building in the Pfenning-Areal
The new GWG office building in the Pfenning-Areal

In early 2018, GWG Reutlingen acquired its new office building in the ‘Pfenning-Areal’ (Pfenning Grounds) in Reutlingen, Germany. With its high windows and light facade, the building’s modern architecture is a lovely addition to the cityscape of Reutlingen. The offices, meeting rooms and lounges inside bear the signature of interior designer Bettina Getto of Wiesbaden, Germany, who was recently named ‘interior designer of the year’.

In this new location, GWG offers its employees an inviting, modern work environment that is flooded with light and makes them feel at home.

260 EIZO monitors also play a role in this welcoming set-up. Each workstation has been fitted with two EIZO FlexScan EV2456 monitors, and each training spot has been fitted with one.

GWG workstations with EIZO FlexScan EV2456 monitors

Prior to choosing EIZO, GWG tested a number of competitors’ monitors. “A number of factors played into our choice to go with the EV2456, such as product quality and features, as well as the design and warranty,” says Heiko Schmidt, Systems and Network Administrator at GWG Reutlingen. He adds: “Thanks to its narrow white bezel, this model visually dovetails with the interior design in the bright, white office spaces, which are open and let in a great deal of light. Moreover, the anti-reflective screens minimise irritating glare from sunlight to the greatest possible extent.” When asked if the employees already have some feedback on the EV2456, Schmidt responds: “They have a very positive opinion of the monitor’s image quality as well as its design.”

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FlexScan product line
FlexScan product line

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