In 2017, NEW AG set itself the goal of providing a modern workplace for its employees. ‘We inspire people’ is the motto behind the vision of the NEW AG’s strategic project – and it has succeeded in implementing this vision gradually over time. The focus is on ensuring the health and well-being of employees at the workplace. In addition to new room designs and open workspaces, this also means providing employees with a modern workplace equipped with the latest technology to enable them to work on the go, no matter where they are.

NEW Modern Workplace
Modern workplaces at NEW AG equipped with the FlexScan EV2795.

Since 2000, NEW AG has been exclusively using EIZO monitors in different sizes (currently: 24-inch, 27-inch and 32-inch) in single and multi-display configurations. ‘We continue to be impressed by the high quality and durability of EIZO products,’ states Jürgen Trumm, Head of IT at NEW AG. ‘If any of our monitors happens to unexpectedly break, they are covered under EIZO’s five-year warranty, which includes an on-site replacement service. That’s up to three years longer than what other companies typically offer.’

‘We have enjoyed a strong working relationship with EIZO for many years, primarily because of their strong commitment to service and finding solutions that work best for us,’ adds Sven-Matthias Schoss, IT Purchase Manager/Central Purchasing at NEW AG.

From left to right: Stefan Klein, NEW Group Manager for IT Frontend (copyright: NEW AG); Jürgen Trumm, Head of IT Operations at NEW (copyright: Andreas Baum); Sven-Matthias Schoss, IT Purchase Manager at NEW (copyright: NEW AG)

A modern workplace requires standardised monitor solutions. NEW was searching for a model that was right for their needs and ultimately opted for the EIZO FlexScan EV2795, which meets all the criteria that a monitor has to meet for working on the go and desk sharing.

“With a screen size of 27 inches, the EV2795 is ideal for us and can be used as a docking and charging station thanks to its USB-C port. This allows any peripheral device to be connected directly to the monitor. They are ready to use once the laptop is connected to the monitor via USB-C. The monitor also charges the laptop at the same time. This eliminates the need for an additional power supply or a docking station and opens up more space on the desk for other things. Another plus for us is the EV2795’s modern, virtually frameless design,’ explains Stefan Klein, NEW Group Manager for IT Frontend.

NEW AG - EIZO monitor
Thanks to its USB-C port, the EV2795 acts as a docking and charging station, helping to reduce clutter on your desk. (copyright: NEW AG)

On the question of how the EV2795 meets NEW’s requirements in terms of climate and environmental protection as well as sustainability, which play a major role at the company, Jürgen Trumm responded: ‘The monitor is equipped with various power management functions like Auto EcoView, which constantly adjusts the brightness of the screen to the available ambient light. In addition, the power consumption of the EIZO monitors has continued to go down as screen sizes have gone up.

The first 800 modern workplaces are now available for NEW employees. By 2022, every workplace will feature a standard setup, which means more than 1800 EV2795 monitors will be in use. We have already received initial feedback on the EV2795: The single-cable USB-C solution is a real hit and users really like the modern design.

About NEW AG

NEW AG is a municipal service provider with strong ties to Niederrhein, Germany. The group operates a number of local affiliates in Mönchengladbach, Erkelenz, Geilenkirchen, Grevenbroich, Viersen, Schwalmtal and Tönisvorst. As an innovative regional power and water supplier focused on serving the local community, NEW provides approximately 400 000 customers with power, 150 000 with gas and 100 000 with water. Regional services include, among others, local public transportation and public swimming facilities. In addition, NEW has also been commissioned by Mönchengladbach and Viersen to run their public sewage systems. The company has a current workforce of around 2200.

More product information

EV2795-BK EcoView series
EV2795-BK FlexScan

Ideal for the modern workstation: thanks to the USB-C ports and USB-C daisy chain functionality, the EV2795 doesn’t require any complex cabling and shines with its virtually frameless design.

  • 68.5 cm (27 Inches)
  • 2560 x 1440, 16:9 Format
  • LAN/RJ-45, KVM switch
  • USB-C (DisplayPort Alt Mode, HDCP 1.3), DisplayPort (HDCP 1.3), HDMI (HDCP 1.4)
  • 68.5 cm (27 Inches)
  • 2560 x 1440, 16:9 Format
  • LAN/RJ-45, KVM switch
  • USB-C (DisplayPort Alt Mode, HDCP 1.3), DisplayPort (HDCP 1.3), HDMI (HDCP 1.4)