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12 MP RX1270 monitor for precision diagnostics and top ergonomics.

Petr Váša, MD, is medical director of the radiodiagnostics department and mammography screening centre at the EUC Health Centre in Ústí nad Labem. Along with that, he serves in a coordinating role with selected mammogram screening centres and oversees all mammography and diagnostic centres within the EUC Group. Petr Váša is part of a group practice for radiology in the Czech Republic, member of the executive board at the Association of Czech Breast Radiologists (AMA-CZ), as well as member of KOMD (Expert Committee on Breast Radiology), ESR (European Society of Radiology) and EUSOBI (European Society of Breast Imaging). He is also a frequent lecturer and dedicated researcher.

‘The EUC Health Centre in Ústí nad Labem is one of the biggest privately run outpatient medical facilities in the region,’ reports Medical Director Petr Váša, MD. The facility is part of the EUC Group, which operates 26 health centres, 11 mammogram screening centres, 23 pharmacies, 11 laboratories and an online chemist store in the Czech Republic. The 2000-plus medical and non-medical staff at the EUC Group treat roughly one million patients annually.

The challenge

‘There is growing interest in breast cancer screening across the region. Women are more concerned about their personal well-being and understand that they have to take their health into their own hands. This is largely driven by increased coverage of breast cancer prevention in the media, including high-profile stories from the likes of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, global efforts to raise awareness of the issue and a number campaigns run by health insurance providers.’

The EUC Health Centre in Ústí nad Labem is striving to meet growing demand for breast cancer screening while continuing to deliver the highest standards in terms of quality and care. To achieve this goal, it is gradually rolling out new, high-end diagnostic equipment at the facility. The most recent additions include a digital mammography system with a stereotactic breast biopsy unit. To reproduce the high-resolution radiological images, the centre required a high-quality monitor. Based on positive experience at other workstations, the hospital opted for high-end diagnostic displays from Japan’s EIZO.

Petr Váša, MD, Medical Director, EUC Group

‘We really appreciate the EUC Group’s efforts to provide us with the best technologies available. Reliable, high-quality reference monitors allow us to work more efficiently and accurately evaluate images. Along with that, they are also very easy to use. This is made possible by proprietary technologies integrated into the monitors. The displays include practical features like the RadiLight comfort light, HybridGamma PXL and blur-reduction technology that prove a great help when analysing images. Last but not least, the glare-free screen prevents eye fatigue.’

The solution

Medical Director Petr Váša now uses the 12 megapixel EIZO RadiForce RX1270, which was released worldwide in early 2020. The 30.9” colour monitor for radiological diagnostics allows a wide range of medical images from a variety of examination methods and areas of the body to be precisely displayed. The RX1270 combines high image quality with an ergonomic design. The compact monitor, which offers a large screen and a resolution of 4200 x 2800, is able to display a wide range of images alongside medical reports. A comfort light integrated on the rear panel illuminates the area behind the monitor without interfering with the soft ambient lighting.

RadiForce RX1270
RadiForce RX1270 with comfort light

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