• 04/2021 | „Exceptional factory picture quality"
    04/2021 | „Exceptional factory picture quality"

    „The 27-inch EIZO FlexScan EV2795 is one of the most complete office and productivity monitors on the market. It offers a USB-C port, which turns it into a docking station for modern laptops. The monitor's USB-C interface will extend their desktop, enable the use of peripherals plugged into three side-mounted USB 3.1 ports, and also charge their battery, with up to 70 watts of power. Want to connect two separate computers to your monitor and use both with a single set of peripherals? EIZO's got you covered. They installed a KVM switch, which seamlessly switches the peripherals between PCs as soon as you change video interfaces. To top it all off, there's a secondary USB-C port for daisy-chaining. If you have a secondary monitor with a USB- C [or DisplayPort] input, you can use the FlexScan EV2795 to feed it the video signal."

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  • 03/2021 | – Platinum Award
    03/2021 | – Platinum Award

    “Versatile, simple, and flexible – the EIZO FlexScan EV2795 should be at the heart of every home office […] It’s in the home office that we reviewed the EIZO EV2795-BK FlexScan, and it’s where it truly belongs: versatile, easy to operate, and extensively equipped to reinvigorate your remote setup. It's equally suited to the corporate desk rows of the pre-lockdown office environment.[…] Eizo's 27-inch EV2795 is every inch the masterclass, comprising all the elements of what an ergonomic home and office monitor is when done correctly: while not being overly specialised as to alienate casual users, it's a multi-functional monitor that has reliability at its core, but ultimately delivers much, much more.”

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