Allows the monitor to be tilted and turned, as well as operated in landscape or portrait form. The seamless height adjustment starts at the very bottom of the desk and has a wide range above it. This guarantees optimal ergonomics, regardless of whether you are standing or sitting in front of the screen. Despite its maximum movement possibilities, the FlexStand base always remains completely stable.

Full HD

Full High Definition. High-definition image display with 1920 pixels in 1080 lines. Full HD is either transmitted in 1080p (progressive) or 1080i (interlaced).

Full screen

Shows the image on the entire screen regardless of the resolution.

Should the resolution of the image signal be smaller than the physical resolution of the display, the image may be blurred or distorted.

Game mode

Game and cinema mode: In this mode, small differences in colour are amplified when rendering the image. This improves the viewing conditions. Structures and textures are easier to identify. In Game mode, contrasts hidden in shadows or dark corners are perceived more quickly. The advantage: quicker response time offers better chances when gaming.


The colour tone rendering is relative to the change of the input signal level. This relationship is generally known as the gamma characteristic. In image reproduction, low gamma values result in white images and high gamma values result in high-contrast images.


All colours that can be reproduced by a device. A colour is outside the gamut if the device does not have that colour available.

Grey-grey switching time

The time required to change a pixel to different tones of grey. This is normally stated for screens with an overdrive circuit, as grey-grey switching takes place equally quickly here.

HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Contents Protection)

Digital signal encryption system as copy protection for digital contents, for example for videos, music, etc. The transmission of digital contents is protected as the contents are encrypted on the transmitter's side, sent via a DVI output and once again decrypted on the recipient's side. Digital contents may not be reproduced if both the transmitter and recipient device do not support HDCP.


High Definition Multimedia Interface. Interface to transfer digital audio and video data

Integrated sensor

An integrated calibration sensor governs the maximum colour accuracy. It positions itself automatically for calibration and then conceals itself in the safety of the casing until the next measurement is taken. Each monitor is exactly coordinated using its sensor. For example, the measurement location is correlated with the middle of the image at the upper edge of the image so that the sensor takes measurements as if it were in the middle of the image. This integrated solution rules out the variability, which may arise when using external measuring devices. Even the influences of ambient light are determined when initiating the sensor and considered during calibration.