10 bit colour rendering

In connection with a frame rate control (FRC) of the LCD modules, CG monitors allow for 10 bit colour resolution, depending on the module. Screens can therefore display even the finest tone value gradations using a billion colours. This requires corresponding 10 bit support by the application software and graphics card.

16 bit look-up table

When it comes to colour accuracy when working, how well a monitor can differentiate between colour tones is of fundamental importance. To achieve the maximum colour depth and prevent the formation of stripes, banding and washing, EIZO relies on the ultimate perfection: a 16 bit look-up table (LUT) ensures precise colour resolution, meaning that even the finest structures in darker areas of the image are reproduced so that they are absolutely accurate in every detail.


Typical 1D look-up tables (LUTs) have separate tables for red, green and blue. Depending on the model, EIZO links the colour allocation to a single, three-dimensional look-up table (3D LUT) to ensure particularly accurate colour control and in doing so, allows for the exact addition of primary colours to any chosen colour tone – vital technology for the ideal grey scale and ultra-precise colour reproduction.