During the calibration by the user, the desired white point and gamma curve are transferred to the grey scale through a combination of measurements and calculations. This process is typical at EIZO as it saves time and is more precise than the measurements of several tone values with conventional manual measuring devices, which are prone to errors. The accuracy of the factory calibration with sensitive laboratory measuring equipment serves as a secure foundation in this regard.


A device to measure light colours. Colorimeters are mainly used for calibrating and profiling monitors. In any case, body colours (reflected light) can be measured to a limited extent.


Calibration software included with EIZO ColorEdge LCD monitors It ensures interactive control of the look-up tables in the screen and creates a corresponding monitor colour profile.

Colour space

All colours that can be reproduced by a device. A colour is outside the gamut if the device does not have that colour available.

Colour temperature

The colour temperature is a benchmark for measuring the white tone and is stated in Kelvin. At high temperatures, the white tone appears slightly blue, while it has a more red tone at low temperatures.

5000 K: Often used in the printing industry.

6500 K: Suitable for displaying photos and video images.


Color Universal Design mode simulates the way colour blind people view things – for example when designing websites or orientation systems.