Ensures ideal viewing conditions for video clips and the Internet, as well as editing graphics, images and text. This means that you are optimally equipped for all situations of use. Time-consuming subsequent manual adjustments are a thing of the past.


Allows the monitor to be tilted and turned, as well as operated in landscape or portrait form. The seamless height adjustment starts at the very bottom of the desk and has a wide range above it. This guarantees optimal ergonomics, regardless of whether you are standing or sitting in front of the screen. Despite its maximum movement possibilities, the FlexStand base always remains completely stable.

Full HD

Full High Definition. High-definition image display with 1920 pixels in 1080 lines. Full HD is either transmitted in 1080p (progressive) or 1080i (interlaced).

Full screen

Shows the image on the entire screen regardless of the resolution.

Should the resolution of the image signal be smaller than the physical resolution of the display, the image may be blurred or distorted.