Screen menu that can be used to manage a variety of monitor functions. Self-explanatory symbols make it very easy to adjust the monitor to your own needs.

ScreenManager Pro

ScreenManager Pro is a software to control EIZO monitors via the USB interface. For devices with a FineContrast function, the software allows you to automatically assign a FineContrast mode to different programmes. The software is a Windows application.


Devices with an integrated calibration sensor are able to perform calibration without the help of the user. The computer does not even need to be switched on. When programmed once, the calibration will start at night, during the lunch break or at other, definable times. It is easy to programme using the ColorNavigator or the on-screen menu.

Smart Insight

Smart Insight determines the content of dark scenes and optimises them such that they are more visible and clearer.

sRGB (Standard RGB)

International standard for an RGB colour space. A colour space has been defined, which most devices can comply with, to enable colour matching between various applications and devices, such as monitors, scanners and digital cameras. sRGB images, which are detected or issued on "sRBG devices" are limited to the full sRBG colour range and no colours outside the sRBG colour space. Colour allocation, white point and gamma are permanently defined.

Swing sensor

An integrated calibration sensor governs the maximum colour accuracy. It positions itself automatically for calibration and then conceals itself in the safety of the casing until the next measurement is taken. Each monitor is exactly coordinated using its sensor. For example, the measurement location is correlated with the middle of the image at the upper edge of the image so that the sensor takes measurements as if it were in the middle of the image. This integrated solution rules out the variability, which may arise when using external measuring devices. Even the influences of ambient light are determined when initiating the sensor and considered during calibration.