Windows 11 blurry: Tips for sharp display of text and apps

In this guide, we explain why the monitor may be blurry when using Windows 11 and what settings can be used to make apps and text sharp again.

Resolution and scaling under Windows 11
How a FlexScan monitor is made

Follow us step-by-step – from assembly to packaging – through the manufacturing process of FlexScan EV monitors at our headquarters in Hakusan, Japan.

Take a look behind the scenes
Using the ‘Multiple displays’ feature in Windows 10

We’ll show you how to use this functionality on a laptop or desktop computer running Windows 10.

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Changes and new functionalities in the Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators Update (version number 1703) includes a number of new and modified functionalities. This document provides you with information about a number of the changes to monitor settings and how to apply those settings.

Monitor settings following the Windows 10 Creators Update
Work more efficiently on a laptop with an external monitor

Laptops are great for working on the go, but just cannot compare to the workspace that a monitor provides. Connecting an external monitor to your laptop gives you the best of both worlds.

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EIZO monitor test – put your monitor to the test!

EIZO’s proprietary software will help you quickly and easily test your monitor’s settings and parameters.

Link to the EIZO monitor test
State-of-the art video inputs

If you’re considering purchasing a monitor, you should pay close attention to the video inputs. We will tell you here about the most common interfaces of today and those that are on their way.

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What is USB-C?

More and more devices feature a USB-C port. But what’s the technology behind it, and what benefits does this port offer?

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A closer look at the colour temperature on an LCD monitor

This article will take a close a look at colour temperature, a decisive parameter when adjusting image reproduction.

Explanation of ‘colour temperature’
Knowledge about gamut

The fundamentals on gamuts and what you need to pay attention to when selecting and using a monitor.

More on gamut for LCD monitors
EIZO 4K monitors – high-definition and large screen sizes

Is it too soon or exactly the right time to buy one? Solve any problems you’ve been having with your current monitor and enter into a new world with EIZO’s 4K models.

4K monitors – problems and solutions
HDR explained – what is HDR?

A simple and detailed explanation of HDR – from the basics to the latest trends.

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The age of HDR has dawned

HDR is the latest technological sensation but what makes it so impressive? What’s the difference between HDR photos and HDR videos? What do you need to enjoy HDR content?

An overview on how HDR works on every device from TVs to iPhones
EIZO HDR technology

The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 with EIZO HDR technology overcomes the disadvantages of other HDR monitors. Each individual pixel is displayed with full dynamic colour accuracy and the correct brightness.

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Do the topics of 4K, HiDPI and retina display confuse you?

Understanding pixel density: a decisive factor when choosing displays in the age of 4K.

Explanation of ‘pixel density’
Optical bonding

A method that guarantees an improved display and longer service life for LCD monitors.

Find out more on optical bonding
Assessing the quality of an LCD monitor

Have you ever carried out precise tests on your LCD monitor’s image quality? We will show you here the basic factors for assessing LCD image quality and how to easily carry out these tests.

Quality assessment of LCD monitors