Body clock mechanism and ideal lighting condition

Research indicates that exposure to blue light emitted by electronic devices after sundown impacts sleep. However, blue light can be beneficial during the daytime. Sun is our major source of light and incudes blue light wavelengths to wake us up and boost our attention. This body clock mechanism is called the “Circadian Rhythm” or sometimes the "Circadian biological clock".


As a visual technology company, EIZO has been incorporating visual ergonomic features into our monitors for years. Since 2010, many of our monitors have been equipped with a blue light reduction feature called "Paper Mode."

Paper Mode

In 2014, we introduced a "Circadian Dimming" feature to our ScreenManager Pro software. This feature controls the change in colour temperature of the monitor throughout the day. As the evening approaches, the colour temperature is lowered, decreasing the blue light emission from the monitor.

Time of Day

How to use the "Circadian Dimming" feature

  1. Connect your monitor to your computer with the bundled USB cable.
  2. Download ScreenManager Pro Software.
  3. Install ScreenManager Pro.
  4. Start the software and open the Circadian Dimming tab. Enable Circadian Dimming.
Screenmanager Pro
Find more information in the ScreenManager Pro manual