Uncompromising reliability

Reliable LCD monitors for control consoles

The exceptional quality of all components and the high production, testing, and review standards at EIZO guarantee the extraordinarily high reliability of the monitors. This is reflected in the long warranty periods and periods of use, meaning that you can benefit from absolute investment security.

Excellent image quality

Surveillance monitors with excellent image quality

The surveillance monitors get their excellent viewing angle stability from the use of innovative panel technology. This ensures a clear view from any angle. EIZO LCDs boast a surface with an anti-reflection coating, which provides significant protection for your eyes.

Thanks to the large dimming range of the monitors, the monitor brightness can be optimally adjusted when looking at the monitor in dark environments or under changing light conditions.

EIZO monitors for control rooms – an overview of the benefits:

  1. Perfect for all areas of use, such as monitoring transport networks, power plants, logistics centres, reception areas, industrial plants, monitoring points, or alarm centres
  2. Use in checks, process controls, and process automation
  3. Simultaneous display of various contents (e.g. data processing applications and camera pictures)
  4. The small housing frame makes them optimal for use in multi-screen workstations
  5. Reliability and long product life cycles
  6. Cost-effective operation
  7. Long warranty periods, with 24/7 warranty in some cases (depending on the model)
Customised solutions

Because we know that the requirements vary greatly and are unique to each control room and control centre, we are happy to offer specific solutions tailored perfectly to your requirements.

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