High-end quality from EIZO office monitors

High-end quality

The best investment for the best reasons.

High-end monitors by EIZO impress with their long service life. But why exactly do our monitors stand out from all the rest when it comes to quality? We’ve outlined a few reasons below.

EIZO monitor in production

In-house production

We manufacture our monitors in-house by combining the latest mechanical manufacturing techniques with the most meticulous craftsmanship. This is how we guarantee that our devices feature a high product and image quality. When it comes to development, we also use the best possible components, which ensures that all our products are made exclusively from high-end materials.

Strict quality controls

We subject our monitors to stringent automatic testing processes, as well as a visual inspection by a specially trained EIZO employee. We also continually test image quality in longevity tests, in which the monitors are left switched on for thousands of hours. This enables us to ensure that an EIZO model can still supply the perfect image, even after years of use.

Research and development department at EIZO

In-house research and development

We take innovation and progress into our own hands. Our unique research and development department enables us to develop pioneering technologies and integrate them perfectly into our products. The result is that we can offer the most ultramodern and future-proof monitors available on the market.

Start-up costs

You can immediately start working with an EIZO – not to mention saving.

The EIZO Monitor Configurator makes installation quicker and easier if many or all of the monitors at a company need to have the same settings.

Learn more about the Monitor Configurator

Thanks to their variety of interfaces, EIZO monitors are compatible with your existing IT structures – you can simply plug in and get to work!

More on interfaces
Auto EcoView as a factory setting

Our unique power management function Auto EcoView is immediately configured and activated as soon as you unpack your model. It doesn’t have to be set up.

Warranty and service

An outstanding service with outstanding investment security.

EIZO: 5 year warranty

Five-year warranty

Our inhouse production, ongoing research and further development, and painstaking quality controls allow us to provide a five-year warranty for our monitors – that’s up to three years more than is offered by other brands. 

For you, this means the highest possible investment security. Although the purchase price is higher, the investment and service costs are lower with an EIZO monitor because the service life is substantially longer and guarantees zero repair costs and the associated follow-up costs that would accrue in the first five years.

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Positive effects

Gain a competitive edge at your company – and a whole array of benefits.

Ergonomic settings don’t just boost your employees’ satisfaction, but also reduce the number of working hours lost.

Ergonomic features in detail

Administrators can simply block changes to monitor settings carried out by users, which results in fewer support requests for IT-related departments. As well as this, there are hardly any differences in servicing the devices, which eliminates having to become familiar with different models.


Long product cycles make it easier to purchase further models, which is particularly important when it comes to company expansion.

Future reliability

Many interfaces (including USB-C) make connecting to PCs, laptops and peripheral devices simple. Ultra-modern ports also help to preserve the monitors’ value.

Energy-efficient office monitors by EIZO

Energy efficiency

Save energy and costs.

Increasing operational energy efficiency and reducing service costs are core components of modernisation processes at modern companies. One aspect of this is selecting energy-saving IT components. However, comparing energy consumption for monitors is difficult, as a wide range of influencing factors have to be considered. For example, which brightness settings are applied, which signal connections are used, audio and USB requirements and much more play an important role.

Monitors by EIZO are equipped with unique automatic energy-saving features, which means that you can be certain you are always working with the most energy-saving, low-cost settings.

Energy-saving features

Our monitors drive down energy costs.

Cost savings of up to 30%

EcoView Optimizer recognises image content and reduces the backlight fully automatically without reducing the image quality. This lowers power consumption.

Cost savings of up to 30%
Saving energy by powering down

All FlexScan monitors have a mechanical power switch. If you switch off your monitor using the power switch, then your monitor will not use any energy whatsoever. But each model also uses 0.5 W or less in standby mode.

Saving energy by powering down
More than just an ergonomic feature

Since Auto EcoView constantly adjusts display brightness to the ambient light, you can enjoy energy savings of up to 50% in comparison with a monitor operating at full brightness.

More than just an ergonomic feature
Perfect for multi-screen operation

The EIZO Software Screen InStyle allows you to manage your power consumption and further calibrations for multi-screen operation. System administrators can use the server application to remotely control all monitors connected to a computer. This means every EIZO monitor in the network can be administered centrally.

Perfect for multi-screen operation
Compliance with standards and guidelines

More than just perfect features.

Compliance with standards and guidelines

Excellent and certified

Most FlexScan models meet the requirements of the TCO 8.0 display standard and correspond to strict international guidelines for ergonomics and energy conservation pursuant to EPA Energy Star, EPEAT and TÜV ergonomics.

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