Technical data
  • Compact and comfortable 3-megapixel colour screen for radiology reporting

  • Clear recognition of structures through high contrast and blur reduction

  • Palette with 543 billion shades for precise colour reproduction with up to 10 bit

  • Hybrid Gamma PXL function for pixel-precise display of greyscale and colour images with the appropriate gamma curve characteristics

  • Uniform homogeneous display surface due to automatic control of luminance distribution (DUE)

  • Prepared for calibration, acceptance and constancy testing according to local standards such as IPEM / AAPM Primary, DIN 6868-157 and QS-RL

  • Effortless quality assurance and built-in calibration sensor

  • Light sensor for measuring the ambient light within the reporting location

  • Ergonomic design with fresh, clean aesthetics

  • Compact dimensions and narrow housing frames

Specification Data sheet