Comfort Light for Reading Rooms

Easily attachable light for RadiForce medical LCD monitors.

Product image RadiLight

Easily attachable light for RadiForce medical LCD monitors

Relax Your Eyes

In order to prevent reflections on the monitor screen caused by ambient light, reading rooms where radiologists carefully examine medical images are often kept dark.

However, viewing a bright monitor in a dark environment over a long period can cause eyestrain and make it more difficult to see documents or other tools in the workstation.

RadiLight attaches to the back of RadiForce monitors and shines a light on the wall behind it. This eases the amount of concentrated light traveling to the radiologist's eyes for reducing eye strain while not impacting the visibility of the images on the screen.

RadiLight Off
RadiLight On

Due to the way brightness is controlled on LED backlights, some people perceive flicker on their monitor which causes eye fatigue. With technology based on the dimming control of EIZO's LED-equipped monitors, such as the FlexScan EV Series, RadiLight is a flicker-free lighting solution that reduces eyestrain.

Easily Attachable

RadiLight easily attaches to the back of the monitor stand so it does not take up desk space. Power is supplied to RadiLight via the connected monitor's USB port for quick and simple setup.

Spotlight for Navigating Your Workspace

It is equipped with a spotlight called RadiLight Focus which allows you to check or read printed documents or see your keyboard and other tools.

Convenient ON/OFF Capability

RadiLight Area and RadiLight Focus can be easily turned on or off with the touch of a button so you can use it only when you need it.

Selectable Brightness

The brightness of RadiLight's wall light feature, RadiLight Area, can be adjusted to 10 different levels of brightness. This allows you to choose the most appropriate and comfortable lighting for your environment.(White point 6.500 K)

Supported monitors

Monochrome monitors

  • 5 MP: GX560, GX550, GX540
  • 3 MP: GX340
  • 2 MP: GX240, GS220


Colour monitors

  • 8MP: RX850, MX315W
  • 6 MP: RX660, RX650
  • 5 MP: RX560
  • 4 MP: RX440, RX430
  • 3.7 MP: MX270W
  • 3 MP: RX360, RX350, RX340
  • 2.3 MP: MX241W
  • 2 MP: RX250, RX240, MX216, MX215
  • 1 MP: RS110