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Durable quality monitors from EIZO


Acting economically and sustainably when selecting new hardware - is that even possible? You bet it is! We even go one step further, because at EIZO economy and sustainability have always gone hand in hand and even benefit each other. Both aspects have the same goal: savings.

Proven for over 50 years

A unique overall package

When you choose quality monitors from EIZO, you're choosing cost-effectiveness and sustainability in equal measure. Our long-lasting product quality conserves ecological and economic resources in every respect - and has ensured maximum customer satisfaction for decades. The outstanding image quality and ergonomics of our monitors round off the EIZO total package.

In the following, we will show you to what extent the procurement of new EIZO FlexScan monitors pays off for your company both economically and sustainably - at all levels. Because with the right IT hardware, resources such as materials, budget, electricity and much more can be saved throughout the entire life cycle of the monitors. This starts with production, continues with acquisition and actual use as well as maintenance and ends with disposal.

Always in focus: your time as another essential, valuable resource. With EIZO at your side, you save a lot of time in the purchasing decision, the planning and execution of the procurement process, the rollout as well as the smooth handling in the event of a failure.

Economical and sustainable

Optimal acquisition process

The purchase price of a monitor is undoubtedly an important decision criterion when equipping your company. There is a simple reason why so many users choose FlexScan monitors from EIZO time and time again, despite the fact that they tend to cost more: the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), in addition to the excellent image quality and ergonomics.

All (cost) factors at a glance

In addition to the pure acquisition costs, there are other factors that determine the actual total price of a monitor. The technical term Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) refers to the total of purchase price, energy costs and expenses for rollout, repairs and maintenance as well as disposal. From this point of view, EIZO is unbeatable in terms of cost-effectiveness - and our monitors can even be one thing when viewed as a whole: the cheapest.


We support you throughout the entire purchasing process, advising you even before you decide to buy - and always keeping your personal effort to a minimum. Your personal contacts from the EIZO sales teams are available to provide you with advice and support both at our headquarters in Mönchengladbach and on site in your region.

Our sales representatives will be happy to give you a live demonstration of all potentially suitable monitor models from the comprehensive FlexScan portfolio. On request, we can also provide you with test devices for your department so that you and your colleagues can see the EIZO quality for yourselves. Our expert, personal advice on the one hand and a clear product strategy with long, predictable product cycles on the other then enable you to plan your device pool in the long term.

Once you have found the right models for your project, our team will ensure a smooth rollout process - in close coordination with specialist retailers, system houses and distributors. Of course, we are also available to you afterwards, together with our competent technical support at the EIZO headquarters in Mönchengladbach.

Another plus point: Save a lot of time during the rollout by having your system administrators use the EIZO software Monitor Configurator and quickly and easily set all monitors with the settings you specify.


Evaluate the process holistically

Our goal is not only to equip your company with the best monitors. The EIZO sales team would also like to provide you with the best possible support during the purchasing process, keep your expenditure as low as possible and thus save you valuable time and money.

Economical and sustainable

Efficient use

After successful, time- and cost-efficient completion of the procurement process, you continue to benefit. This is because quality monitors from EIZO are also particularly economical and sustainable during operation.

The most obvious cost factor during the use of a monitor is power consumption. Our FlexScan monitors are generally very energy-efficient and have the appropriate certifications, e.g. EPEAT Gold and Energy Star. Functions such as the smart Auto EcoView brightness control and the EcoView Optimizer further reduce power consumption and therefore also CO2 emissions - good for the budget, good for the environment.

In addition to the efficient mode of operation, the expected service life of our FlexScan monitors also pays off. Their long-lasting quality ensures reliable, long-term operation with a minimal failure rate.

Our 5 year warranty ensures that no repair costs are incurred for your monitors for five years. Our expert technical support in Mönchengladbach will help you to solve any problems - and in the unlikely event of a defect, the on-site replacement service ensures that a warranty claim involves minimal effort for you.


Longevity means sustainability

Nothing is as sustainable as a long-lasting quality monitor. The reasons for this: no resources need to be spent on a new monitor and less electronic waste is produced. Office monitors from EIZO are characterized by their many years of reliable operation and experience has shown that they are used for significantly longer than five years. We also support this by ensuring that spare parts are generally still available five years after the end of production of a model. This guarantees the possibility of repair and ultimately long-term use for a very long time.

Economical and sustainable

Careful production

Resources can be saved not only when purchasing and using our FlexScan monitors. Even long before that, there are various influencing factors that make the manufacturing process both economical and sustainable.


All EIZO monitors are created in our in-house research and development department and are subjected to demanding long-term tests at this early stage. The careful selection of the best materials and components not only enables a traceable value chain, but above all the best quality result.

Our aim is to steadily increase the proportion of recycled materials. The plastic housings of many FlexScan monitors are already made from up to 80% recycled plastic. We also do not apply any additional surface coating.

In order to minimize the ecological rucksack of each monitor - the sum of resources used for production, use and disposal - thoughtful packaging also plays an important role. We focus on a high level of protection for our products with minimal resource consumption. Where possible, we do without plastics and use specially shaped cardboard inner packaging as padding for many models. The cables are also packed in paper instead of plastic bags. We are also constantly optimizing the packaging volume: the premise is an ideal ratio between transport safety and transport volume so that the devices arrive undamaged but do not have any unnecessary weight.


Research and development department in Japan (EMC measuring chamber)


Declared goal: the highest possible proportion of recycled plastic parts


Safe and resource-friendly: cardboard upholstery

In the EIZO factories in Japan, we rely on 100% electricity from renewable energy sources. We already generate part of it ourselves on site with the help of large solar systems. This significantly reduces the CO2 emissions associated with the production of monitors.


EIZO headquarters and production in Hakusan, Japan

Uncompromising final inspection

We do not carry out random quality checks, but check every single monitor in detail. No product leaves the EIZO factories without successfully passing a technical inspection and an even more demanding quality control by our employees. This is the only way we can grant our special 5 year warranty and at the same time meet the quality standards for which EIZO is known.



Strong duo: economic efficiency and sustainability

At EIZO, cost-effectiveness and sustainability are just two different ways of looking at the same goal: using resources carefully. And we do this in every respect, from production to warranty claims, so that you as a user or company benefit just as much as the environment.

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