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Touch monitors from EIZO are suitable for a wide range of applications and primarily serve as HMI (Human Machine Interface). The displays combine outstanding image quality and reliability with high flexibility:

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The right touch monitor for every need

Touch screen monitors are an essential part of digitization and enable intuitive and convenient control of programs and processes in a variety of environments. Touch monitors shine in work environments, for example, where the use of keyboards and mice is impractical or simply unsuitable. In particular, touch monitors have long been established in shipping, medicine and various other industries.


EIZO's range of touch screen solutions combines the precision of modern touch technologies with the company's many years of expertise. The touch displays offer very good image quality, for which EIZO monitors are known. The high-resolution touchscreen monitors are also optimized from the ground up for durability as well as reliability and also work around the clock - for example, as part of a video security system.


Robust and for 24/7 use

To meet the demanding requirements as HMI (Human Machine Interface) in various solutions, EIZO has different touch technologies in its portfolio. The monitors, which are optimized for a wide range of applications, are mostly designed for 24-hour use. In order to function perfectly even in difficult environments, they have monitor housings without ventilation openings and sealed buttons, depending on the requirements and intended use, so that neither liquid nor dust can penetrate. Durability and robustness for long-term use are thus ensured.

The choice of touchscreen technology

To meet every application need, EIZO offers its touch monitors with three different touchscreen technologies: PCAP (Projected Capacitive), Surface Acoustic Wave and Analog Resistive. These three technologies feature individual strengths and are suitable for different types of operation, for example. Whether they are to be used with the bare hand, with a stylus pen or with gloves - whether they are to be particularly resistant to dust and water or offer a particularly bright display: Touch monitors from EIZO can be configured to fit exactly.


PCAP (Projected Capacitive)

The PCAP touchscreen technology - also known as projective capacitive touch or PCT touchscreen - is characterized by a particularly high touch sensitivity. The PCAP displays of the EIZO touch monitors process up to ten touches simultaneously and are therefore ideally suited for use cases in which collaboration is important. The glass surface is also particularly resistant with a hardness of 5 to 7 H.

Operable with: Hands, Stylus
Water/Dust Resistance: High
Lifetime: min. 50 million touch inputs



Acoustic Wave

Touch monitors from EIZO with Acoustic Wave technology allow a variety of possible input methods and are therefore particularly flexible to use. The anti-reflective display also effectively prevents reflections so that the touchscreen monitor's display remains clearly legible in a variety of environments and lighting situations. The LED backlight with up to 380 cd/m2 further improves readability. The robust glass surface (7 H) is scratch-resistant and ensures a long life cycle.

Operable with: Hands, Gloves, Stylus
Water/Dust Resistance: Standard
Lifetime: min. 50 million touch inputs


Analog Resistant

The touchscreen monitors with analog resistive technology support operation at temperatures between 0°C and 50°C and are flexible in operation.

Operable with: Hands, Gloves, Stylus
Water/Dust Resistance: High
Lifetime: min. 10 million touch inputs

EIZO: a strong partner

As an experienced B2B supplier, EIZO is well prepared to advise companies and work together to develop suitable solutions for every application. Contact our sales team, we will be happy to support you in any project - with individual support, before and after the purchase.

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