IP decoding solutions

IP decoding solutions from EIZO enable computerless connection of security and surveillance cameras, are suitable for 24/7 use and feature high reliability and durability.

All IP decoding solutions

In video surveillance, the use of computers is often undesirable, not very economical or even impossible for space reasons. Especially for this purpose, EIZO offers various solutions for the most diverse requirements. From the complete solution with IP decoder monitors to the extremely flexible IP decoder box, which can be combined with almost any monitors of different screen diagonals and resolutions up to 4K UHD.

The conventional solution

Traditional security solutions require a large number of hardware, software, cabling and other components, as well as a great deal of time and labor to install and maintain over the life of the system. The more components a system has, the more potential sources of error there are that could endanger the safety of the monitored area.


The DuraVision IP decoder solution

  • PC-free connectivity for optimised management and no software security issues
  • Simplified installation with fewer cables and hardware throughout the infrastructure
  • Fewer devices required throughout the system, which reduces maintenance requirements

DuraVision IP decoder solutions connect directly to an IP camera or switch via LAN, enabling instant video streaming for real-time monitoring. The offering includes an IP decoder box or monitors with integrated decoding. The decoder solutions are conveniently controlled via a web interface or an API integrated into the VMS and also enable control of the IP surveillance cameras.


Complete flexibility with the IP decoder box

For monitor walls or different screen diagonals and screen resolutions, the IP decoder box from EIZO is particularly suitable. Due to the computerless connection to the video network, neither computers nor software are necessary in this case either. The compact box can be attached to the monitors in a space-saving manner by means of VESA mounting. Comprehensive functionalities and compatibilities make the IP Decoder Box from EIZO a very flexible and space-saving solution module.

Integrated alarms over the network

IP decoder solutions support custom integration with local security systems through a web API to enable response to alarms over the network.

When an incident occurs and an alarm is sent from IP cameras, access control, hazard detection, VMS or other systems, EIZO IP decoder solutions can respond with a predefined action, such as layout adjustment, message display, audio activation, camera adjustment, masking and more.

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Functionality with leading VMS

EIZO works with leading security and surveillance solution providers to ensure technical compatibility and functional support for various video management systems (VMS), and to jointly develop solutions that meet end-user requirements.

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Cooperation with leading camera manufacturers

To ensure optimal compatibility of EIZO's IP decoder solutions with IP cameras, collaboration with leading camera manufacturers is central to EIZO's research and development.


The advantages of IP decoder solutions for video surveillance

  • Computerless connection with IP video surveillance system
  • Perfect solutions for use in monitor walls, installations with large screen diagonals and resolutions, live viewing in stores, buildings, underground garages, outdoor areas and access control
  • High reliability and long product life cycles
  • Suitable for around-the-clock use 7 days a week (24/7)

The DuraVision IP decoding product portfolio



Salzgitter AG

The steel and technology group relies on EIZO for video surveillance. Thanks to the EIZO IP decoder solution, the analog video security systems can be quickly and easily converted to a new digital standard.

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Edmonton Transit Service

Canadian transit operator Edmonton Transit Service uses an integrated video surveillance solution with EIZO IP decoder monitors and the Genetec VMS to monitor rail stations.

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Urban Drainage and Environmental Analysis Nuremberg

Direct views into the computing system thanks to DuraVision FDF2711W-IP.

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