Medical monitors

EIZO’s innovative medical image reproduction solutions stand out thanks to their outstanding image quality and powerful functionalities for precise diagnoses.

All medical monitors

EIZO’s RadiForce and CuratOR series represent a comprehensive range of innovative high-end solutions for medical applications in various fields from a single source. The range of medical monitors is complemented by products from the EIZO FlexScan series, which are used in clinical consultation rooms and at reception desks, for example, as well as graphics cards recommended and validated by EIZO for the RadiForce monitors.


Monitor solutions for medical diagnostic and viewing

Under the RadiForce brand, EIZO develops and markets monitor solutions that meet the high requirements demanded by the fields of diagnostics and medical review They also meet the strictest medical safety standards.

The greyscale and colour monitors in the RadiForce series support calibration using the DICOM® standard and feature outstanding image quality, which is guaranteed thanks to EIZO’s own RadiCS and RadiNET Pro software solutions. They boast exceptional reliability and powerful functionalities for precise diagnoses. Examples of these include the Work-and-Flow functionalities, which simplify the imaging workflow in diagnostics using functions EIZO has specifically developed for the field of radiology.

Optimally adapted visual solutions for the integrated OR

The EIZO CuratOR series features visual solutions that are optimised for integrated operating rooms. These solutions have been specially developed with scalability and expandability in mind to meet the requirements and fit the workflow in the OR, and are based on the needs of surgeons, OR teams and hospital technology.


The advantages of EIZO medical displays


The perfect image quality for every application

EIZO RadiForce monitors feature unparalleled image quality, no matter the viewing angle. Thanks to properties such as even image reproduction across the entire screen, stable brightness and precise luminance characteristic curve (DICOM® GSDF), they reproduce crystal-clear medical images that are true to the original source. EIZO’s quality management software also ensures consistent quality control. RadiForce products are manufactured and developed by EIZO and EIZO alone from start to finish. This allows to us to improve quality and make technological advancements when it comes to developing medical display solutions.


Perfect ergonomics for the best performance

EIZO uses intelligent solutions to prevent posture problems and eye fatigue. One example of this is the incredibly diverse stands of the RadiForce monitors: they can be adjusted in terms of high, tilt, rotation and, depending on the model, rotate 90° so the user can set the monitor up in whichever position they require. Intelligent accessories such as the RadiLight comfort light and outstanding technologies such as hybrid gamma PXL and Sharpness Recovery technology improve the sharpness of images. The effective anti-reflection coating on the screen surface also helps reduce strain on your eyes.


A great long-term investment

EIZO offers an extra-long, five-year warranty, including on-site replacement service, for almost all of its medical monitors. This means the highest possible investment security and a low total cost of ownership. Although the purchase price is higher, the investment and service costs are lower with an EIZO monitor as the service life is substantially longer and a high degree of reliability is ensured. Unique Work-and-Flow functionalities provides greater efficiency in the diagnostics process. Integrated sensors save time, costs and energy in the measures needed for quality control (acceptance and consistency test, calibrations).


Service quality is front and centre

It’s not just the quality of the product that’s important; it’s the quality of the service, too. We would be happy to help find the right solution for you and provide technical support (pre- and after-sales), as well as a guarantee service with quick reaction times. And if you’re still not convinced: Why not request a trial model so you can try out your desired product directly at your workplace. EIZO’s outstanding product quality and its innovative service concept not only set standards but also keep pace with today’s trend of longer amortisation periods. Security that convinces and you can count on.


Medical diagnostics and clinical review monitors

The monitors in the RadiForce series meet all the different requirements of medical facilities.

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Complete solutions integrated operating rooms

Powerful image reproduction and video management technology in the OR meets expertise and experience.

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Software-Lösungen zur Sicherung der Bildqualität


Optimal quality control of image reproduction systems in radiological applications

Monitor quality management, including calibration as well as acceptance and consistency testing, in one program. The software is simple, easy to use and can even perform consistency test measurements fully automatically. The RadiCS quality control tool is capable of end-to-end monitor quality management, starting with calibration and acceptance/consistency testing through to network-supported quality assurance management in conjunction with RadiNET Pro. Moreover, RadiCS is simple to understand, easy to use and suitable for RadiForce and non-RadiForce monitors. RadiCS also allows you to control EIZO’s Work-and-Flow functions to deliver user-friendly workflows. This includes, for example, the Point-and-Focus functionality, which serves to quickly select and zoom in on relevant image areas using the mouse or keyboard.

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Calibration and management software for RadiForce monitors

The RadiCS LE software is used for the calibration of EIZO RadiForce monitors and to manage the calibration data. RadiCS LE also helps to determine and maintain screen data such as inventory numbers and monitor usage time. A backlight saver functionality is integrated into RadiCS LE. This allows the user to save both energy and monitor usage time while the monitor is not in use. Additionally, RadiCS LE comes with the Mouse Warp functionality. It prevents the mouse pointer from getting stuck at screen edges in multi-monitor systems when the screens are working with different resolutions. RadiCS LE is included in the scope of delivery of EIZO RadiForce monitors.

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Quality management for all in-hospital monitors

The RadiNET Pro software from EIZO enables the centralised and hence efficient quality management of all hospital monitors connected within the network. The browser-based application provides easy access to the information the user needs. The administrator can conduct or schedule quality control operations from anywhere in the hospital easily and promptly. Inventory information, for example, the model name and usage time of monitors, can be managed in RadiNET Pro. In addition, information such as the connected computers and graphics boards, the medical facility and the installation location can also be recorded. Along with that, detailed information on each monitor can be consolidated into a report on request.

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Diagnoses successfully implemented

[Translate to English:] Referenzzentrum Mammografie Nord

Reference Centre Mammography North

Compared to the previous dual-screen 5-megapixel monitor EIZO set-up, the single-screen 12-megapixel solution with the RadiForce RX1270 takes up less space, therefore offering a higher resolution for efficient reporting.

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MIL Sursee

At MIL AG in Sursee, the RadiForce RX660 monitors are used for radiological reporting and the MS236WT as a control monitor for X-rays.

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University Hospital Magdeburg

EIZO CuratOR: Optimised workflows thanks to EIZO solution at Magdeburg University Hospital.

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