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All monitors for clinic and hospital administration

Monitors for convenient use in hospitals

When working at a screen, excellent image quality is important not only for medical diagnostics and review. High-quality, ergonomic monitors are also useful for the administration of medical facilities.


In addition to special monitors for the medical field, EIZO offers the FlexScan series of first-class monitors to address these requirements in hospitals. FlexScan series monitors can be adapted to the needs of individual workstations and constitute a highly ergonomic and extremely energy-efficient solution for enhancing performance in everyday hospital tasks.

Optimal ergonomics for best performance

Our office monitors are equipped with innovative ergonomic features that more than meet your individual requirements for a modern workplace. After all, if you want to get the most out of your work, you need to feel comfortable all around. Benefit from a flexibly adjustable stand, an anti-reflective screen surface and our unique Auto-EcoView function, among other things. Features that all help prevent both back and eye discomfort.

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5 years warranty - Long live your monitor

Our warranty is based on a simple principle of success: innovative monitor technology manufactured with first-class materials. Our own production, high-end materials, constant research and further development as well as meticulous quality controls enable us to give a five-year warranty on our monitors including on-site exchange service.

So you are guaranteed no repair costs and no associated follow-up costs for the first five years. 5-year warranty - zero worries.

The advantages of FlexScan monitors for hospital administration

  • Most FlexScan series monitors come with a DICOM® preset
  • Excellent image quality
  • Perfect ergonomics ensure better posture and less eye fatigue
  • Extremely energy-efficient and therefore economical
  • Modern, sleek and space-saving design
  • Nearly all FlexScan monitors come with a five-year guarantee

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