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Highest image quality with monitors from EIZO


There is much that speaks for our FlexScan monitors. One particular advantage that you noticeably benefit from every day: outstanding image quality. The image display of a FlexScan monitor is sharp, precise, rich in contrast and always has just the right brightness. You want to know how we achieve this? Then just read on!


What actually makes a good monitor image?

The question is not so easy to answer, is it? That may be because a good monitor usually does its job reliably and inconspicuously, and many dimensions of image quality are only really noticeable when they are missing.

So it's easier to tell when you don't have a good monitor image in front of you: for example, when you get tired eyes after a short time, the monitor image or fonts don't appear to be really sharp, or the color representation is obviously quite imprecise. All of these are signs of poor image quality and provide initial indications of what the quality criteria are for the image display of monitors.


But what does a good monitor image look like? The image should be sharp and bright. Fonts should be legible and images should be displayed in the right colors, rich in contrast and at the same time realistic and neutral. Videos should run smoothly and without judder. The monitor image should not be dazzling and at the same time not too dark. In addition, as few annoying reflections as possible should cloud the image display. And last but not least, the monitor should be ideally suited to the user's ergonomic preferences.

All these properties are needed to produce excellent image quality on a computer monitor.

How do we know this so well? We have been building computer monitors for well over forty years and our LCD monitor series for office applications "FlexScan" has also been around for over 25 years. We have used this time to perfect our monitors further and further and to bring them to the level of excellence for which they are known today.

But how do we achieve our excellent image quality in concrete terms? To answer this question, let's take a look "under the hood" of the monitor and take a look "behind the scenes" at how our product development, electronics and manufacturing contribute to the proven EIZO quality.

Dimensions of the image representation

Best image quality without compromise

These three dimensions contribute to particularly good readability of texts, tables and diagrams. They are the must-have or the foundation on which image quality is built.


A good monitor image must be reasonably bright to be viewed comfortably even in a brightly lit office, and to be glare-free with less lighting. That's why all monitors in the FlexScan series feature sophisticated, flicker-free brightness control in addition to maximum brightness levels suitable for office use.



A bright monitor image alone is of little value if good contrast is lacking for recognizability. This is where signal processing plays important roles for EIZO in distinguishing brightness levels, anti-reflection coating in the influence of ambient lighting, and electronics in image stability.


Only when the resolution of the monitor is high enough can you expect a sharp image and clearly outlined fonts. That's why our 27" FlexScan monitors have at least WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a detail resolution of 110 ppi. For even more detail, our 4K monitors offer an even higher resolution of 164 ppi (27") and 140 ppi (32").


View under the hood

Smart features

Automatic brightness adjustment

A bright and high-contrast monitor is an important prerequisite for excellent picture quality. However, the monitor should not always shine at full brightness. That would dazzle and drive up the electricity bill unnecessarily. Rather, you want the monitor to always have the ideal brightness, not too bright and not too dark. This depends on the room light, i.e. the ambient brightness. That's why all FlexScan EV monitors feature a sophisticated automatic brightness adjustment function called Auto EcoView, which users can still modify entirely according to their needs.


The perfect picture needs perfect colors

In every monitor there is a Look-Up-Table (LUT). This is an electronic table that defines how the monitor should mix colors from the primary colors red, green and blue. With a conventional 8-bit LUT built into many monitors, the color variations are limited. Therefore, at least 10-bit LUTs are built into FlexScan monitors. Thus, four times as many color gradations are available. Precise colors and smooth gradients are thus guaranteed.

Antireflection coating: more image, less reflection

The best monitor image is useless if it is disturbed by reflections from windows, lamps or oneself. If a monitor panel is insufficiently anti-reflective, one tends to take uncomfortable positions in front of the monitor where the reflection is as little noticeable as possible. However, too much anti-reflective coating has a negative effect on contrast and sharpness. It is therefore important to find the sweet spot when it comes to anti-reflective coating - to reduce reflections as much as possible and to impair contrast and sharpness as little as possible. All FlexScan monitors are effectively anti-reflective and thus enable hours of fatigue-free work on the screen. At the same time, we achieve a sharp, brilliant and high-contrast image display.


Flicker-free work - for the sake of the eyes

It should go without saying that a monitor image is flicker-free. However, the flickering we are talking about now is the flickering that you do not consciously notice. Depending on the dimming method selected, a subliminal flicker can occur due to the LED backlighting, especially at a low screen brightness, which is hardly noticeable to us consciously, but nevertheless strains our eyes and makes us tire quickly when working on the screen. To prevent this, FlexScan monitors feature sophisticated hybrid brightness control, which prevents annoying flickering.

A look behind the scenes

High-end in every detail

Highest quality components

EIZO takes extreme care in selecting the individual components of each monitor. We develop and manufacture important individual components ourselves. In our research and development in Japan, the individual components are then perfectly adapted and matched to each other so that they can develop their maximum potential in the complex interaction. Of course, each new model is subjected to numerous long-term tests prior to series production, in which it must prove its suitability for everyday use and durability. The monitors are then built with the utmost care in our own manufacturing facility in Japan.


Perfectly adjusted

Even the best components can never deliver their maximum performance if they are not precisely adjusted. At our factory in Japan, every single FlexScan monitor is precisely measured and adjusted. That way, we can ensure that color temperature, gamma, white balance, and brightness are adjusted exactly as you need them for a precise monitor image. And we take our checks doubly seriously: every single monitor is additionally checked by the trained eyes of an EIZO employee.

Image quality in use

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