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Support for radiological diagnostic imaging

RadiForce monitor solutions provide intelligent functions and extensive accessories that ensure greater efficiency in the diagnostics process, reduce eye fatigue and much more.


Work-and-Flow technology

EIZO’s unique Work-and-Flow technology simplifies the imaging workflow in diagnostics using functions developed specifically for the field of radiology. The Work-and-Flow technology available varies depending on the model (see table below).


Hide-and-Seek: fast retrieval of information

Hide-and-Seek adds the benefit of making it possible to access reports, patient files and other information on the display quickly and efficiently without needing an additional monitor. When you move your cursor towards or away from the edge of the screen, a PinP window hides and displays information.


Switch-and-Go: just one keyboard and mouse for two systems

Switch-and-Go makes it possible to work using just one keyboard and mouse at diagnostic imaging stations that make use of two computers. You can switch between the two systems simply by moving your cursor from one screen to the other. This ensures greater work efficiency and allows you to maintain a clear overview of your and displays information.


Point-and-Focus: all eyes on the analysis

The Point-and-Focus function allows you to select and focus on relevant image areas quickly using your mouse or keyboard. By adjusting the brightness and greyscale, the interesting parts of an image are highlighted by dimming the surrounding areas.


Instant-Backlight-Booster: higher brightness for better differentiability

The Instant Backlight Booster feature temporarily increases the brightness of the monitor for faster recognition of detailed medical images. With a single hotkey, users can activate the function for multiple monitors simultaneously, allowing them to easily view multiple screens under the same high brightness conditions. The brightness automatically returns to the original setting after a short time so the screen can continue to be used under typical diagnostic conditions.

DICOM® Part 14 is not supported while Instant Backlight Booster is on.


Manual and Auto Mode Switch: perfect image reproduction depending on examination method

The Manual Mode Switch function allows you to select different set-ups (brightness, characteristic curve, white balance) for different modalities such as X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound and endoscopy with just the click of a mouse. Adjustments to your set-up do not necessitate recalibration every time, meaning each image delivers reliable results.

With Auto Mode Switch, you can preconfigure each mode to switch automatically depending on the examination method.


Image-Rotation-Plus: automatic switching between landscape and portrait

The Image Rotation Plus function uses the monitor’s built-in gravity sensor to switch between landscape and portrait mode automatically depending on the monitor’s orientation. This allows you to make full use of the screen’s available space and obtain the perfect display.


Auto-Brightness-Switch: glare-free diagnostic imaging

When performing diagnostics imaging, an adjacent screen with patient data and work lists can be disruptive. The Auto Brightness Switch function automatically dims the brightness of connected EV series FlexScan monitors when the cursor is moved away from the screen. This makes it easier to concentrate on the diagnostic images on the diagnostic monitor and also saves power.


Mouse-Pointer-Utility: streamlined mouse operation

The Mouse Pointer Utility allows you to move the mouse freely between the different monitors in a multi-monitor set-up without encountering the obstructions of a usual set-up. In particular, the cursor doesn’t get stuck to the top or bottom edge of the screen when using screens of different sizes. You can use a hotkey to display the cursor position quickly so that you don’t lose sight of it, or you can reset the position of the cursor to the centre of the screen at any time, allowing you to return to the starting position swiftly.

Although the time saved by using these functions is hard to notice on its own, it adds up over time and contributes to increasing mouse speed and making the monitor easier to use.



Move the cursor freely between screens of different sizes


Move your mouse through the outer edges to wrap the cursor around


Easily locate the cursor


Reset the cursor to the centre of the screen

Easy on the eyes


RadiLight is an easy-to-operate comfort light for radiologists who work in dark reading rooms. The soft illuminance in the background of the screen reduces the strain on the eyes that frequently occurs due to constant light-dark changes between bright screens and objects in a dark environment. RadiLight, used as the sole light source during the acceptance testing of a diagnostics station, helps set up consistent lighting conditions. The level of ambient light created in this way can also be reproduced during consistency tests later on. RadiLight also features a small, connectable reading light to allow users to check and read documents such as patient files or just be able to use keyboards and other aids.


Work-and-Flow technology and RadiForce monitor compatibility








































MS236WT-A supports only the Mouse Pointer Utility


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