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Accurate display in dental diagnostics

Modern modalities for lens barrel, panoramic, or DVT exposures produce razor-sharp images. The rendering quality, however, of x-ray images in the field of dental radiology is also fundamentally dependent on choosing the correct screens. When the DIN 6868-157 standard entered into force, new minimum requirements were also introduced for the use of radiological image rendering systems for dental diagnostics.

Depending on the room class, the DIN standard also calls for a minimum brightness. Room classes 5 (diagnostic rooms) and 6 (dental treatment rooms) are relevant for dental diagnostics. EIZO offers the perfect solution for this with its RadiForce products. Thanks to their optimum display quality, RadiForce monitors provide reliable images for accurate diagnostics and observations. In comparison to conventional monitors, EIZO RadiForce monitors permanently display the required minimum brightness.

The advantages of RadiForce monitors for dental diagnostics

  • Screen features tailored to the needs of dentists, such as the size, resolution, colour, or greyscale
  • Excellent image quality and brightness stability
  • DICOM standard characteristic curve
  • Energy efficiency through the motion sensor, which intelligently saves energy
  • Optimum ergonomics, such as the anti-reflection coating on the surface

Diagnostics successfully implemented


Dental Practice Dr. Amir C. Nawartschi

Dr. Amir C. Nawartschi examines on EIZO screens in his dental practice.

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MVZ radiology Karlsruhe

Well equipped for curative mammography thanks to RX1270.

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