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MVZ Radiologie Karlsruhe diagnostics equipped with EIZO RadiForce RX1270

MVZ Radiology Karlsruhe

Since March 2021, the MVZ Radiologie Karlsruhe has relied on the EIZO 12-megapixel RadiForce RX1270 colour monitor, for digital image reproduction in curative mammography. Additionally, the MVZ have also relied on EIZO monitors for senological examinations.

First class equipment

On the recommendation of MSB Technik, which has a long-standing partnership with the MVZ Radiologie Karlsruhe for the supply of monitors and their constancy testing, the care centre decided to replace the long-serving RadiForce G51 double-screen solution with a single RadiForce RX1270, which boasts a 30.9-inch diagonal. 

In order to gain the peak performance from the RadiForce RX1270. MVZ immediately acquired a graphics card recommendation from EIZO. This allowed the monitor to run at the required resolution and computing power.

Mammography image on the monitor
Doctor with mammography images on the monitor

The MVZ is a large radiological-nuclear medical care centre in the heart of Karlsruhe and is largely responsible for radiological care in the Karlsruhe region and the surrounding area. More than 60,000 patients are examined every year. With 12 physicians and more than 60 non-medical staff, it covers the complete spectrum of outpatient radiological diagnostics. The MVZ has a high level of expertise and attaches great importance to first-class technical equipment.

Henrik Michaely

"EIZO products are characterised by high quality and durability as well as powerful functionality. In addition, EIZO stands for good support."

Prof. Dr. Henrik Michaely

Managing Director MVZ Radiologie Karlsruhe

Better workflow and ergonomics

When asked what advantages the RX1270 offers for diagnosis compared to the previous solution, Prof. Dr. Henrik Michaely, Managing Director of MVZ Radiologie Karlsruhe, answers: "The RX1270 takes up significantly less space than the two 5-megapixel monitors and you now have a complete view of what is happening, without any disturbing frames between two monitors. This improves the workflow and ergonomics for the staff. Because before, you still had to turn your head slightly to compare both images." In addition, the narrow black front housing frame of the RX1270 facilitates a concentrated view of the display in dark rooms, as Prof. Dr. Henrik Michaely has found.

In addition to the RX1270 for curative mammography, other RadiForce models are in use at various diagnostic workstations in the MVZ Radiologie Karlsruhe: RX850 for CT and MRI and MX242W for CT.

RX1270 in use