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Banks and credit institutions are responsible for managing billions of dollars in investments, income and savings, as well as an enormous amount of private information. As such, they are often the target of crime. Securing financial assets around the clock depends on security personnel and bank employees having critical information at their fingertips to prevent criminal activity and protect customer assets.

Maintaining a safe environment

Protecting customers and employees

Due to the sensitive nature of working in a bank, the safety of branch employees is a high priority. Securing the premises before opening or closing is crucial to prevent incidents and ensure the safety of employees. It is vital that security personnel, such as those deployed via an intermediary security service, develop a high level of situational awareness of the environment to ensure the safety of bank employees and customers.


When integrated with video management systems (VMS), video analytics or other security systems, operators can visually confirm the security of the premises around the clock and be notified in real time if something is amiss. The monitor or IP decoder box can provide visual indicators when suspicious activity occurs in the area and initiate immediate protocol actions required to maintain a secure environment. In addition, Alert-to-Action can provide bank staff with increased visual awareness through the integrated use of video analytics or facial recognition. This can alert tellers to suspicious behavior, identify known suspects or detect fraud attempts to protect assets.

Securing access to protect assets

Visual monitoring of sensitive areas

Financial institutions grant their employees varying degrees of access to sensitive areas such as vaults, cash drawers and cash rooms where cash reserves and other valuables required for day-to-day operations are stored. In addition, managing cash balances to support customer transactions requires that cash transporters and maintenance technicians also have access authorization to certain areas. These highly sensitive areas can quickly become the target of internal theft if thorough security measures are not in place. Proactively monitoring these areas using real-time notifications can help identify if an employee has breached protocol, preventing losses before they occur.


With the Alert-to-Action function, the IP decoder monitor or IP decoder box can send an alert if the connected access control system detects a deviation from certain protocols. For example, if two employees are required to be present to open a safe or access a cash drawer, but only one employee is present or attempts to enter the area, an alert can be sent to on-site security personnel so they can respond immediately.

Solution: Alert-to-Action

Customizable event response

The web API of EIZO's IP decoder solutions supports customized integration with the local security systems and devices to enable communication with and response to alarms over the network. When an event occurs and an alarm is sent from IP cameras, access control, hazard detection, VMS or other systems, the EIZO solution responds with a predefined action, such as layout adjustment, message display, audio activation, camera adjustment, masking and more. Implementing an intelligent visual communication system into the workflow is a step forward in supporting the transformation of banks through timely alerts, while enhancing the security of high-value assets and sensitive information managed by financial institutions.


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