Sustainability, quality and durability

These are the reasons why AKD chooses EIZO.


AKD is a full-service law firm with more than 500 lawyers, tax specialists, notaries and staff in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. It has the size, knowledge and experience to advise on national and international mergers and acquisitions, resolve complex issues in the public sector, handle large and small litigation and work on major projects such as the energy transition and data protection and data security issues.

AKD was looking for a sustainable and energy-efficient monitor for all workplaces in the Benelux. The company thoroughly evaluated several monitor brands against specific criteria, including sustainability, energy efficiency, screen quality, warranty and total cost of ownership (TCO). After testing and comparing several brands, EIZO emerged as the winner. The EIZO EV2460 model best met AKD's requirements, met the desired criteria and delivered excellent performance.


To maximise productivity, AKD opted for two monitors per workstation so that users can multitask efficiently and work with multiple applications simultaneously.

In addition to quality, the low power consumption of the EIZO monitors is in line with AKD's commitment to sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions. The monitors contribute to AKD's overall energy-saving efforts and promote environmentally friendly practices within the company.

The 1,200 monitors are mainly used for office work. According to Joost Reynvaan, head of the IT department, the monitors offer excellent performance and screen quality, allowing employees to work comfortably and efficiently. The EIZO monitors have now proven to be reliable and indispensable tools for the law firm.

"For our office, quality, reliability and durability are important aspects. The EIZO monitors, with their completely flat and almost frameless design, give a minimalist feel. They combine energy efficiency with durability and high image quality, resulting in a good user experience for everyone in our office."

Joost Reynvaan

Head of ICT


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