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Hemling GmbH


Hemling GmbH made a decision 12 years ago to use EIZO monitors. In the meantime, the company only uses EIZO monitors. They are in use in different application scenarios in the administration and in CAD project work.

Reliability has top priority

Ladenbau Innenausbau Hemling GmbH employs approximately 240 people at its headquarters in Ahaus, a German town situated near the border to the Netherlands. The family-owned and operated company has been very successful in manufacturing extremely high-quality and customised interior fittings for shops and offices as well as for labs for companies, schools, and teaching and research facilities for over 50 years. In the area of shopfitting, the company provides services to a prominent company in the optical goods industry with over 600 branches in Germany and neighbouring countries.

Hemling GmbH took a decision 12 years ago to use EIZO monitors for the first time. In the meantime, the company only uses EIZO monitors. And there is a good reason for this decision: EIZO products feature outstanding reliability, which is combined with uncompromising quality.


"Our customers’ orders have top priority, so we think it’s very important to work with the most reliable equipment on the market. That’s why we have been using EIZO monitors in our CAD departments since 2008, and many of the devices have been in use ever since. Their failure rate is far below that of our competitors. All our departments apply the following motto now: Wherever screens are used, then they have to be from EIZO,” states a very convinced Jan Bülthoff. When asked how the IT specialist at Hemling first heard about EIZO, he answers: “I already knew the brand as a premium manufacturer of monitors in the medical and graphic arts industry.”

Jan Bülthoff

IT specialist at Hemling

There are a variety models from the EIZO FlexScan series with 22- and 24-inch screens on employees’ desks at Hemling. They are in use in different application scenarios in the administration and in CAD (computer-aided design) project work. There are even some setups in multi-monitor operation (CAD R+Z Industrie with three-screen and CAD AutoCAD Architecture with two-screen solutions).


Multi-monitor operation of EIZO monitors for CAD applications


AutoCAD application for lab fitting on an EIZO FlexScan EV2456


R+Z Industriebau application on a FlexScan EV2456 for shopfitting

Hemling GmbH about EIZO

In Bülthoff’s eyes, there are other factors that speak in favour of the EIZO brand, in addition to reliability: "The 'Made in Japan' quality. There is one thing that is certain: When a monitor fails, it would cost us more than the savings from buying an inexpensive one. And EIZO offers an extremely uncomplicated exchange service if, despite everything, an EIZO monitor should ever fail. What’s more, we like the pragmatic design of the devices (no piano lacquer, etc.)."

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