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With monitors from EIZO, the operations centre of the Zurich city police has a full overview of all emergency messages in the city of Zurich.


All emergency calls that come in via the telephone numbers 117 and 112 are received at the operations center of the Zurich Municipal Police and passed on via radio to the patrol cars or other means of intervention. The emergency numbers are dialed around 170,000 times a year.

The Zurich Municipal Police has several lines for the emergency number 117 and the international emergency number 112. The system displays every telephone number (for landlines also the address) of the caller. Numbers from mobile phones with call suppression are resolved via a special database of telephone service provider Swisscom. This is necessary because it happens that a person seeking help forgets to give name and address or the connection is interrupted for technical reasons.


Around 180 operations are assigned per day – on peak days more than 200 – which results in an operation every 5 to 7 minutes on average. The operations cover the entire range of police activity: from fights, brawls, vehicle collisions, burglaries, and robberies to deaths and homicides.

Internal and external databases such as the nationwide search system RIPOL, the residents' registration office of the city of Zurich or the road traffic office for information on driver and vehicle registration data are connected to the system, as are the headquarters of the rescue organization “Schutz & Rettung” and the Zurich cantonal police.

Latest Technologies and Optimum Image Quality

A control system of the latest generation is used. Depending on the workload and the time of day, 5 to 8 officers-in-charge work at the 10 workstations around the clock. These are each equipped with 5 EIZO monitors. All operations are processed and stored on the three monitors in the middle.

The large-screen display facing the staff shows the current traffic situation in and around Zurich. Cameras from all major road tunnels in the city can transmit live. In the case of major incidents, a map section and deployment data are projected onto the display and the deployment resources are shown via GPS positioning.


The frameless design of the FlexScan EV2456 is perfect for multi-screen installations. The ultra-thin bezels make the user experience more comfortable because the image appears more harmonious. Thanks to the large viewing angle of 178 degrees, contrast and color tones hardly change even when viewed from the side. This makes it easier to see what is happening on the screen.

Because users do not notice any flickering and with the non-glare panel, eye fatigue is reduced. This is particularly important here because full concentration is required constantly.

Alessandro Foletti, Head of the Operations Center, presents the work in the operations center in the video:


“The work at the operations center is one of the most demanding within the police, it can be compared to that of air traffic controllers: Permanent stress, immediate decision-making processes, psychological sensitivity and management of forces and resources to successfully manage a situation.

The FlexScan monitors from EIZO used here ensure that our employees have an optimal view of everything at all times.”

Alessandro Foletti

Head of the Operations Centre

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