CuratOR case study

Upgrade for image display

Magdeburg University Hospital optimises its workflow, by implementing an EIZO solution

MRI device

Magdeburg University Hospital had outgrown it‘s previous limited solution. The users required a clearer, larger, and more flexible system to accommodate the increased number of image sources. Together with its partner MTSE, EIZO was able to implement a solution that met all the users current and future needs, as well as providing a lower overall total cost of ownership across the lifecycle of the solution.

The requirements

For its interventional procedures, Magdeburg University Hospital needed a system that was flexible, larger, and capable of displaying all relevant patient information in line with the doctors’ requirements. With the built-in EIZO solution, this is now possible.

  • Customisable layouts for each doctor or procedure
  • Saved layout pre-sets to ensure consistency across systems
  • The ability to display multiple input sources simultaneously

The Previous Solution

The hospital used to work with two 23'' monitors. These were used to display the live CT and PACS images from the connected network side by side. The size of the two images displayed on one 23" monitor was insufficient for the user’s needs, therefore Magdeburg realised they needed an improved and scalable solution. In addition, the possibility of integrating and displaying other image sources was missing.

Cooperation to create the perfect concept

In close cooperation between Magdeburg University Hospital, MTSE and EIZO, it was possible to develop an individual concept that met all user requirements and sets the course for the future.

Daniel Rieger, project manager at MTSE, also expressed his satisfaction:

"The cooperation between EIZO and MTSE was very good. From the preparation, pre-staging to the installation support, everything was very structured, organised and efficient ".

Daniel Rieger

Project Manager MTSE

MRI device

Optimised and future-proofed with the EIZO Solution

At the centre of the concept is the large EIZO RadiForce LL580W monitor. With its 58'' screen, 4K UHD resolution and factory DICOM Part 14 calibration, it is perfect for use in interventional radiology. The video signal distribution is performed with the Large Monitor Manager LMM0802 from EIZO. Live CT, PACS images and now six other sources can be displayed simultaneously on the LL580W. Different layouts and window sizes can be easily adapted to suit the user‘s needs, while also allowing these pre-sets to be saved for future use. Operation is controlled by touch via the EIZO CID1201P user interface.

Designed within the system is the capability for live streaming and recording, With this, Magdeburg University Hospital is prepared for future opportunities, for example transmitting live video and images to the lecture theatre.

"The user has more overview, image quality and distance from the monitor and may not have to actively scroll through the target region. This allows them to navigate more safely and quickly to the target."

Sebastian Hupfeld

Medical Physicist, UK Magdeburg

Daniel Rieger

"The users are very satisfied with the system. Now several signal sources can be displayed in addition to the CT and PACS images. The different users also have different layouts - so everyone can determine their own focus.“

Daniel Rieger

Project Manager MTSE