DuraVision FDF2304W-IP (23”) and FDF4627W-IP (46”) are EIZO’s IP decoding monitors which offer connection to multiple IP cameras, high-performance decoding technology, and customisable VMS integration. Genetec™ Security Centre is a unified security platform that combines access control, video surveillance, automatic number plate recognition, communications, analytics, intrusion detection, and more for enhanced situational awareness and connectivity. EIZO and Genetec came together to design a plugin that meets highly requested end user requirements for security systems worldwide. By integrating with Security Centre videowall framework, users can easily setup and manage IP monitors remotely, lending to the system’s open architecture for ease-of-use and reliable management.

Using Security Centre and DuraVision IP monitors, users can register and control the monitors from the same system as other installed security devices such as IP cameras, authorisation systems, detection systems, and more. This streamlines both the installation process and user control by allowing for operation directly through the unified VMS.

For environments which require the management of multiple IP cameras and monitors, initial installation and registration can be tedious. With the DuraVision IP monitor plugin for Security Centre, operators no longer need to register each individual camera for every monitor if they are already registered through the VMS. This saves significant labour time and ensures quick and reliable setup.

Using the Security Centre user interface, operators can simply drag and drop the video feed from any registered camera to the desired position and the settings will automatically be reflected on the target IP monitor. The number and layout of video feeds can also be easily configured on the same screen, without needing to carry out additional settings separately through the monitor’s UI.

The IP monitors can also support unique functions available from the Security Centre events or alarm monitoring which can be communicated from the VMS to the IP monitor, instructing a special message and screen decorator to appear on the monitor display for enhanced visibility.

“As a trusted technology partner with EIZO, Genetec is excited to be able to offer our security customers the extended benefits of the DuraVision IP monitor flexibility for multi-point, multi-user accessibility,” said Louis-René Bergeron, Product Manager for Integrations at Genetec Inc. “Built on an open architecture, Genetec Security Centre offers its end users the possibility to add and expand their security platform to gain maximum operational efficiency,” added Louis-René.

About Genetec

Genetec Inc. is an innovative technology company with a broad solutions portfolio that encompasses security, intelligence, and operations. The company’s flagship product, Security Centre, is an open-architecture platform that unifies IP-based video surveillance, access control, automatic licence plate recognition (ALPR), communications, and analytics. Genetec also develops cloud-based solutions and services designed to improve security, and contribute new levels of operational intelligence for governments, enterprises, transport, and the communities in which we live. Founded in 1997, and headquartered in Montréal, Canada, Genetec serves its global customers via an extensive network of resellers, integrators, certified channel partners, and consultants in over 80 countries.

For more information about Genetec, visit: www.genetec.com 

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    Press release - EIZO and Genetec collaborate to equip Security Centre VMS with a plugin for IP monitor management and control capability

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