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EIZO RadiForce MX317W

Press release

EIZO introduces 8-megapixel colour monitor for teleradiology and pathology

EIZO presents the RadiForce MX317W, a new 30.5-inch colour monitor with 8 megapixels (4096 x 2160 pixels). It is equally suitable for the diagnosis of radiological sectional images and projection radiographic images - with the exception of mammography. In addition to proven features such as the precise display of greyscale and colour images, the MX317W convinces with its USB-C signal interface with numerous docking features - and is therefore particularly interesting for teleradiology.

The RadiForce MX317W follows the previous MX315W model with equally high image quality and comprehensive features. These include DICOM-GSDF compliant greyscale display to ensure luminance gradations remain consistent in monochrome medical images such as X-rays, CT or MRI. The range of features also includes colour display for images used in endoscopy, nuclear medicine and ultrasound. This provides flexibility in reproducing and reviewing images from different modalities.

The USB-C connectivity of the MX317W makes it possible to transmit both the image signal and data and to supply a connected device with up to 94 W of power with just a single cable. An additional power supply for notebooks or MacBook Pro is therefore usually no longer necessary. In addition, the monitor is equipped with a LAN connection for a stable network connection. This means that mobile devices that lack their own RJ45 LAN connection can also be connected to the wired network without additional adapters. Of course, the MX317W also has one HDMI and two display port connections. The monitor also has three USB Type-A ports for easy connection of peripherals such as an external keyboard, mouse or webcam, as well as an additional USB-C downstream port that even allows daisy-chaining of another monitor.

The MX317W is the first device in the RadiForce range to have a special mode for digital pathology. This offers individual settings for the detailed display of microscopic cell and tissue structures on the monitor. When using EIZO monitors for pathology, it is recommended to evaluate the entire system including the scanner.

EIZO tries to act as sustainably and resource-conserving as possible through material selection, production and transport. The housing parts of the MX317W consist of more than 70% recycled plastic. This reduces the amount of plastic waste entering the environment, conserves resources and promotes the reuse of materials.

In addition, EIZO reduces the use of plastic and Styrofoam in its packaging to reduce its environmental impact. The MX317W's transport pads use pulp made from recycled cardboard and newsprint instead of traditional recycled polystyrene or plastic. The cables are wrapped in paper instead of plastic bags.

Additional features

  • High maximum brightness of 550 cd/m2 (typical)
  • Contrast ratio of 1800:1 (typical)
  • CR, CT, endoscopy and pathology modes
  • RadiCS LE software for quality control of the monitor, Light Edition included in the scope of delivery
  • Integrated luminance sensor for calibration according to DICOM GSDF or for pathology use


The MX317W is expected to be available in Europe from mid-January. The date of availability may vary depending on the country or region.



Recommended accessories

  • Quality assurance software: EIZO RadiCS and EIZO RadiNET Pro
  • Comfort lighting: RadiLight
  • Recommended graphics card: EIZO MED-XN72

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