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EIZO DuraVision DX0212-IP, FDF2712W-IP and FDF2312W-IP

Press release

Latest computerless IP decoder solutions for video security systems with integration into leading video management systems

After the successful product launch in Japan, EIZO also announces the current IP decoder solutions in Europe. The DuraVision DX0212-IP, FDF2712W-IP and FDF2312W-IP models are available now and consist of two monitors (23- and 27-inch) and a decoder box for connection to any screen.

The DuraVision FDF2712W-IP and FDF2312W-IP are two full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution IP decoder monitors that display video streams delivered over the network, whether delivered directly from IP cameras or via video management system. The DuraVision DX0212-IP decoder box uses the same decoder platform as the monitors, but offers the flexibility to display up to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution on each of two screens connected to it.

All EIZO IP decoder solutions do not require a PC or additional software or hardware, which greatly simplifies installation and saves time and labour costs. This eliminates potential sources of error and removes security risks that exist with conventional PC installations. The number of devices involved in handling sensitive visual data can be greatly reduced with their help.

Because the further development and equipment of the EIZO IP decoder solutions is by no means finished, EIZO regularly offers updates and extensions to implement newly developed technologies and functions. They are available as a standard update or as part of an Enterprise licence (optional). This upgrade capability helps to keep the products up-to-date during their use in larger security and surveillance systems, to ensure long-term reliability and to obtain additional functions for optimised operation.

EIZO works with leading companies in the video security industry to ensure the technical compatibility and functionality of its IP decoder solutions with various video management systems (VMS). By using the jointly developed plug-ins or support for these VMS solutions, users can easily set up, manage and control video playback with the EIZO solution and its settings from a central platform.

In addition, the IP decoder solutions support custom integration with local security systems and devices and enable communication from and response to alarms over the network. When an event occurs and an alarm is sent from IP cameras, access control, VMS or other systems, EIZO's IP decoder solutions respond with a predefined action, such as automatic layout adjustment, message display, camera PTZ adjustment, masking and more. Implementing such intelligent display systems into the workflow ensures that operators receive the most relevant information at the right time to react quickly to situations.

Users can purchase an optional enterprise licence that provides access to advanced features of the IP decoder solutions. Their installation or activation on the devices is flexible and can be done at any time before and after the hardware installation. Additional features include playback of recorded video, remote viewing of live streams via the web UI, customisation of menus and support for additional protocols such as SRT (Secure Reliable Transport), LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), AXIS SRTP (AXIS Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol) and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

Additional features

  • Interoperable with over 300 cameras
  • Integration with GenetecTM Security Center
  • Integration with Milestone XProtect®.
  • Integration with Qognify VMS
  • Visual mask and visual functions of the virtual line
  • HTTPS support for secure network communication
  • 24/7 use, 2 years manufacturer's warranty


The DuraVision models DX0212-IP, FDF2712W-IP and FDF2312W-IP are available for immediate delivery.

Product images DX0212-IP

Product images FDF2712W-IP

Product images FDF2312W-IP