Press release

EIZO’s EPEAT-registered products attain new Climate+ designation for compliance with climate change standards

Press release

EIZO Corporation today announced that twelve of its EPEAT registered FlexScan EV-Series business monitors have attained the new EPEAT Climate+ designation for compliance with climate change standards.

EPEAT is the world’s premier ecolabel for electronics. EPEAT criteria address the most critical sustainability impact areas across the electronics life cycle, from materials extraction to end-of-life. This includes reduction of hazardous substances, recyclability, long life cycle, product collection and recycling processes, use of recycled plastics, and other efforts to reduce the environmental impact and climate change. The assessment also covers company-wide efforts such as energy management throughout the supply chain, development of occupational health and safety standards, and a range of other initiatives. Depending on their level of compliance with the standard, products are registered at one of three tiers: Bronze, Silver, or Gold, with Gold indicating that a product meets the most demanding set of criteria for sustainability leadership in electronics. 

In October 2023, EPEAT launched the new EPEAT Climate+ designation for EPEAT-registered products, indicating a manufacturer’s compliance with climate change standards and products that meet greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction criteria. Climate+ provides science-based requirements to recognize participating manufacturers who are making credible strides towards lower carbon operations and products. 

Several of EIZO’s FlexScan EV-Series products have been registered at EPEAT Gold since March 2023. Attaining EPEAT Climate+ further demonstrates EIZO’s commitment to its sustainability initiatives. EIZO calculates and publishes GHG emissions throughout the lifecycle of its operations and products, and ambitiously promotes initiatives to reduce emissions throughout its supply chain. As a result of these efforts, twelve of its FlexScan EV-Series monitors are now registered with the EPEAT Climate+ designation. EPEAT and Climate+ empower purchasing organizations, investors, procurement professionals, and other stakeholders to make more sustainable purchasing and other decisions by better considering the climate impact of registered products.

EIZO has identified Supporting a Recycling-Oriented Society, Responding to Climate Change, and Supply Chain Management as key materialities to address as the company continues to drive its efforts to achieve its Transition to Net Zero initiative by 2040.

Products registered at EPEAT Gold with Climate+

FlexScan Premium models: 

  • EV3240X
  • EV2740X
  • EV2795
  • EV2495
  • EV2490

FlexScan New Standard models:

  • EV2781
  • EV2485
  • EV2480
Products registered at EPEAT Silver with Climate+

FlexScan Premium models:

  • EV3895

FlexScan Basic models:

  • EV2760
  • EV2360
  • EV2460

See for registration status and tier levels by country.