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EIZO FlexScan EV3450XC

Press release

Increase productivity with 34.1 inch, curved format, USB-C dock and integrated webcam

EIZO presents its first ultrawide monitor with direct integration of microphone and webcam. The EIZO FlexScan EV3450XC in curved format brings more productivity and flexibility to every workplace with UWQHD resolution (3,440 x 1,440 pixels) and a wide range of connections including a USB-C dock.

The EIZO FlexScan EV3450XC is optimized for the requirements of the modern working world. The first monitor from EIZO with an integrated webcam and built-in microphone comes fully equipped for video conferencing. In addition, the 21:9 ultrawide monitor in curved format with a screen diagonal of 34.1 inches and UWQHD resolution (3,440 x 1,440 pixels) offers an extra large screen area for demanding applications or intensive multitasking. It is ideally tailored to the challenges of companies that rely on hybrid forms of work with a combination of office work and remote work.

The 5 megapixel webcam offers twice the resolution of conventional Full HD cameras. It delivers high-resolution images in natural colors and supports Windows Hello for convenient and secure unlocking of the computer via facial recognition. The integrated microphone of the EIZO FlexScan EV3450XC filters out background noise and actively prevents feedback from the monitor speakers. The fully-equipped screen enables high-quality online meetings without additional hardware at almost any workstation.

The speakers of the EIZO FlexScan EV3450XC  deliver a clear sound, whether for a single person at the workplace or when shared by several participants at a conference. However, the innovative integration of the stereo speakers - 4 watts each on the left and right - does not result in a clunky appearance of the housing. The FlexScan EV3450XC therefore retains a slim frame and an unobtrusive housing design.

The EIZO FlexScan EV3450XC particularly shines at hybrid or shared workstations, as it offers full USB-C docking functionality. The corresponding connection transmits video, audio and USB data signals and charges laptops with 94 watts of power. Connected computers also have access to peripherals that are connected to the monitor via the USB-C connection. The FlexScan EV3450XC is therefore ideal for use with laptops, which are becoming ever thinner and come with fewer and fewer connections as standard. Thanks to its docking station functionality, the monitor provides all important connections via a single cable - it even enables an Ethernet connection for stable online conferences via the integrated LAN port.

The EIZO FlexScan EV3450XC fits perfectly into today's world where both businesses and consumers are striving for a sustainable future. The monitor is certified by EPEAT with the top Gold rating. The environmental awareness throughout the entire life cycle of the device is reflected in the use of 80% recycled material, reduced power consumption and the use of recycled cardboard and newsprint for packaging. These measures for sustainable product design complement EIZO's company-wide initiatives, which also include the use of renewable energy and supply chain management. The monitor has also received the new EPEAT Climate+ label for compliance with climate protection standards and products that meet criteria for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the EIZO FlexScan EV3450XC is certified to global sustainability standards such as TCO Certified Generation 9 and ENERGY STAR. There is no doubt that a long service life is a significant contribution to sustainability, as it means that resources for a new screen need to be used less often. EIZO underlines the longevity with a 5-year warranty, repairability and spare parts supply.

Further features

  • Signal inputs: DisplayPort, HDMI® and USB type C
  • Two USB type A ports and one USB type C port (downstream) for easy connection of peripheral devices
  • Eye-friendly operation thanks to features such as anti-glare surface, flicker-free backlighting and paper mode
  • High energy efficiency with automatic brightness control thanks to Auto EcoView and EcoView Optimizer
  • Flexible stand with adjustment options for height, rotation and tilt
  • Five-year warranty with on-site replacement service


The FlexScan FlexScan EV3450XC will be available from mid August.

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