Press Release

Pixel Inspection

Press release

Pixel Inspection

New feature for ColorEdge CG2700S and CG2700X

In response to demand from post-production and animation studios worldwide, EIZO presents the new Pixel Inspection feature for the ColorEdge CG2700S and CG2700X models. Pixel Inspection enables the user to quickly and easily check whether all color-relevant settings have been made correctly and result in a true-color image display.

Problem statement

In complex post-production workflows in the film industry, it is essential that all color-relevant settings of each individual workstation have been made correctly. Only then can the user view the material to be processed without errors and edit it with appropriate precision. This means that the settings must be correct in the video hardware, in the operating system, in the editing programs used, and in the monitor. If an incorrect value has been set at even a single point, the file will not be displayed correctly. In addition, these setting values can vary greatly depending on the project.

For the individual user, it is often difficult to verify whether all settings have actually been set correctly and the image display is correct. Large film projects are often hybrid and organized decentrally across several locations or even countries. Often, there is not a corresponding IT employee directly available who can check or even measure whether the complete system is set correctly and the image display is correct.

The solution: Pixel Inspection

That's why the new "Pixel Inspection" function is now available for the two 27" ColorEgde CG2700S and CG2700X monitors. With Pixel Inspection, the user can quickly and easily check for themselves whether the specifications set by the production department have been set correctly and the image display is correct.

Pixel Inspection shows the color information of a pixel from the source input data (nominal value) on the one hand and provides the color information of the corresponding pixel as it is actually displayed on the monitor (actual value) on the other hand. If both values match, the user has the certainty that all settings are correct and that he sees the image material as it is stored in the file. If the values do not match, he can report the problem without special knowledge, including the current color information, and have the settings checked and corrected by an expert.

By using Pixel Inspection, studios can ensure that all their creatives are working with the correct technical settings. This can reduce the likelihood of technically induced errors and the resulting correction loops.


The Pixel Inspection feature is now available for the ColorEdge CG2700X and CG2700S models. Installation requires a firmware update by the user, which can be downloaded from this URL: