Business monitors for the financial sector

Monitors for the financial sector

The FlexScan monitors from EIZO are perfect for use in banks, insurance companies and stock exchanges. They clearly display data and diagrams in excellent image quality and also impress with their absolute reliability. Their low power consumption, low heat dissipation and extra-slim housing frames make them ideal for multi-screen workstations. As a single screen solution, they also do an excellent job in the back office.

What users need in the financial sector:

  • High image quality for a clear and distinct display
  • Suitable monitors for multi-screen solutions
  • Fail-safe - data in view at all times
  • Sophisticated ergonomics for efficient working
  • Flexible working in the office and home office

Picture quality that impresses

EIZO monitors present share prices, tables and diagrams in razor-sharp detail. Thanks to the use of innovative panel technologies, they achieve outstanding viewing angle stability so that you can enjoy a clear view of your data from any angle. EIZO business LCDs are completely flicker-free and have an anti-glare surface that prevents reflections and is therefore noticeably easier on the eyes.


For use in finance, monitors with a large screen diagonal are recommended so that a lot of data can be displayed in parallel. Where one screen alone is not enough, multi-screen installations offer even more space for a lot of content.

With multi-screen workstations, the image is often interrupted by wide borders. This is annoying for the user. EIZO monitors in the banking sector are therefore equipped with frames that are so narrow that they are barely noticeable. Above all, this increases readability and clarity.



Reliability is of course one of the most important factors for monitors in banks, insurance companies and stock exchanges. This is because failures can have considerable financial consequences, especially in brokering. If the worst comes to the worst, devices need to be replaced quickly. EIZO monitors make this possible quickly and easily thanks to the integrated power supply unit and convenient carrying handle.

EIZO LCDs owe their exceptional durability and reliability to the highest quality of all components and the strictest control procedures during production. And best of all, with EIZO you always benefit from outstanding support including a straightforward on-site replacement service - for an unprecedented five years of warranty.

Optimum ergonomics

If you spend many hours a day in front of a monitor, your screen should have ergonomic functions. This will prevent eye and neck problems.

With sophisticated features, EIZO models ensure that your eyes tire less quickly while you work. The flicker-free images and automatically adjusting screen brightness, for example, make working on the monitor particularly pleasant. Just like the flexible stand, which offers you numerous options for adjusting the height, tilt and rotation. This allows you to individually select the screen position that is most comfortable for your eyes and neck.


Flexible working

Working in different locations is becoming more and more commonplace. This makes it all the more important that you can set up your workplace quickly and conveniently at any time. Thanks to maximum connectivity, EIZO monitors allow you to do just that. Our latest models have a USB-C port that allows you to easily connect all your devices (mouse, keyboard, webcam, etc.) via a USB-C cable. You no longer need a separate power supply for your laptop. The graphics signal, network signal and notebook power supply are established simultaneously via USB-C. Your advantage: you can easily and conveniently switch between office and home office.

Product recommendations for the financial sector

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