The ColorNavigator software is used to simply and accurately calibrate ColorEdge screens.

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Colour management software for creative minds

Calibration and quality assurance software

The user enters target values for brightness, white point and gamma, and this in turn enables automatic calibration. ColorNavigator 7 is the latest calibration and quality control software for colour management monitors in the ColorEdge series. It combines all the features found in previous versions – such as ColorNavigator 6 and ColorNavigator NX – and offers further-developed and improved solutions for creative minds who work in a wide variety of different sectors. This software simplifies hardware calibration and ensures predictable results in photography, design, printing and video creation.

Multiple colour modes

Color modes in ColorNavigator and monitor OSD

Colour modes in ColorNavigator and the monitor OSD

A range of colour modes like sRGB, Adobe RGB and Rec. 709 are stored in the monitor’s memory and can be adjusted and calibrated with the aid of ColorNavigator.

Three different methods can be used to switch between the different modes – either using the mode button and on-screen display, ColorNavigator or by clicking the ColorNavigator icon on the task bar. In all three cases, the correct ICC monitor profile will also be automatically activated in the operating system so that colour management compatible programs always factor in the activated monitor settings and display the right colours.

The adjustment targets can be modified, calibrated and renamed at any time.

Simultaneous calibration of all colour modes

Simultaneous calibration

The functionalities in ColorNavigator include the option to simultaneously calibrate all colour modes (standard modes) so that you don’t waste time on having to adjust each mode individually. This saves time and ensures that your monitor always displays colours precisely in each mode.

Scheduled automatic recalibration

The monitor must be calibrated at regular intervals to ensure that its colour accuracy remains consistent. ColorNavigator allows monitor calibration to be carried out automatically at specific times or at regular intervals with the aid of an integrated calibration sensor – even when the monitor is switched off. Even if you do not opt for full automation, you can arrange for a reminder to pop up at user-defined intervals to guarantee that your monitor delivers consistent colour reproduction over time.

Scheduled automatic recalibration

Consistent calibration settings on different PCs

ColorNavigator allows the active adjustment targets to be assigned to and saved in the monitor’s colour modes, instead of on the operating system. This way, users do not have to recalibrate the monitor if they use a PC other than the one they used for calibration.

Calibration data is stored in the monitor

Calibration data is saved on the monitor

Film emulation with 3D LUT

ColorNavigator allows 3D LUTs from video production to be used and applied to the colour grading system.

Only supported by models in the CG series. Does not apply to the CG2730 or CG2420 models.

Film emulation with 3D LUT

Manual adjustment of standard profiles

The white balance and brightness of preset calibrated and profiled colour settings can be manually adjusted using ColorNavigator. Depending on the lighting conditions at the image editing workstation or the user’s own perception, it may so happen that the softproofing view and print do not match up exactly. Manually adjusting the monitor display based on the factory calibration is advisable. This allows the softproofing view on the monitor in the prevailing lighting conditions to be paired with the user’s own perception so that they match up as precisely as possible in the resulting print. A calibration sensor is not required.

Manual Calibration

CN6 and CN7 should not be installed simultaneously. Note that targets may disappear when created in CN7, and run with CN6 afterwards.

Technical Data

Supported operating systems



macOS Ventura (13) / macOS Monterey (12) / macOS Big Sur (11, M1) / macOS Big Sur (11, Intel) / macOS Catalina (10.15) / macOS Mojave (10.14)


Windows 11 / Windows 10* (64-bit) * The ARM-based Windows 10 is not supported.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (64-bit) / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (64-bit)

Supported monitors

CG3146, CG319X, CG248-4K, CG2700S, CG2700X, CG279X, CG2730, CG247X, CG2420, CG247, CS2731, CS2730, CS2420

CG3145, CG318-4K, CG277, CG276*, CG275W*, CG246*, CG245W*, CX271*, CX270*, CX241, CX240*, CS270, CS240, CS230*

* Colour mode selection not available; adjustable values vary depending on the model.

Supported measuring devices

You can find a list of compatible measurement devices can be found on the English-language EIZO Global website.

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ColorNavigator 7 Introduction

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The ColorNavigator software is used to simply and accurately calibrate ColorEdge screens.


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