Colorimeter for ColorEdge monitor calibration

In conjunction with the ColorNavigator 7

Product image EX4

EX4 colorimeter

The EX4 calibration sensor measures the colour display of the ColorEdge monitor in conjunction with the ColorNavigator 7. Colour and brightness deviations are corrected in the course of hardware calibration. A profile in which the information on the monitor’s current colour settings is then created to be transferred to the PC.

Regular hardware calibration is recommended to ensure that a graphics monitor features a consistent image display on a permanent basis. For monitors without an integrated sensor, an external calibration sensor like the EX4 that can compare the actual monitor display with that of the PC in cooperation with the ColorNavigator 7 calibration sensor is needed. The EX4 colorimeter is connected to the EIZO ColorEdge monitor via USB. ColorNavigator 7 then projects a sequence of different colour patches on the monitor, which are measured by the EX4. This determines whether the monitor’s colour display is still correct or whether it has undergone changes due to factors such as ageing. If an adjustment of the monitor display is necessary, it is automatically carried out on the ColorEdge monitor’s look-up-table (LUT) without any losses. Then, a new colour profile is created, which transfers the current monitor settings to the operating system as well as colour management compatible programs.