FlexScan Reference

The eight-eye workstations...

in the control room of the SBB operations centre in Olten


Take 350 train traffic professionals and 100 operational workstations, each with eight EIZO FlexScan EV2456 monitors - and more than 10,000 passenger and goods trains can be safely steered around the clock every day.

Here, in the control room of the SBB operations centre in Olten, the "rail controllers" keep an eye on 8,400 passenger trains and 1,850 goods trains every day - between the Mittelland and the cities of Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Olten, as well as on the approach to the two NEAT axes Gotthard and Lötschberg. And more trains are added every year.
In addition, the eight "EIZO eyes" at each workstation display a 750 km railway network with 188 stations, 2,850 points and 3,050 signals. In short: thanks to the high-end monitors from EIZO, the SBB train traffic professionals have everything under control.


World's narrowest enclosure frame for multi-monitor installation

Each member of staff has an overview of the current arriving, departing and passing trains via their eight EIZO FlexScan EV2456 monitors; information for passengers is also displayed.

At first glance, the structures on the monitors look like "knitting patterns". But the train traffic professionals know exactly what they are seeing and what needs to be done. Much of the train traffic runs automatically. But if there is a deviation or a malfunction, full concentration is required; now the train traffic professionals intervene manually. The world's narrowest housing frame for multi-monitor installation facilitates the quick change of view from one monitor to the next.


No compromise on quality

When it comes to quality of work for employees, SBB makes no compromises. Ergonomic features are a top priority, along with reliability and image quality.

Thanks to the height-adjustable work tables and, in addition, the height-adjustable monitors, train transport professionals can adapt their workplace perfectly to their needs and work at any of the 100 operational workstations.

The built-in Auto-EcoView sensor measures the change in ambient light and automatically optimises the screen to the ideal brightness values. These functions are highly appreciated by train transport professionals, as tired eyes and a tense neck are no longer an issue even in hectic situations. In terms of image quality, the eight "EIZO eyes" offer realistic colour reproduction and are flicker-free at all times.


A sustainable investment that pays off

Due to constant research, development and precise quality controls, EIZO can offer a 5-year warranty on monitors including on-site replacement service.

This is possible thanks to high quality and a low failure rate. For SBB, this is undoubtedly an investment in safety.


Find out how the SBB operations centre in Olten can rely on the reliability of its EIZO monitors without compromise.


SBB Operations Centre Centre

From 2016, rail traffic in the Central Plateau, Northwest Switzerland and Central Switzerland will be controlled from the Central Operations Centre. The building is a prototype. The command room, which is docked onto the complex operating and building services, is central. Adjacent to it are further administrative and staff rooms.

The architectural design emphasises the different functions of the building. The four-storey base has a striking vertical structure. The upper floor stands out clearly from it due to its transparency.