ColorEdge Case Study

Evely Duis

Finding the perfect balance


Photographer Evely Duis has been running a studio in Reusel, the Netherlands, since 2018. There she focuses on subjects such as fashion, portrait and advertising photography. She passes on her knowledge in workshops and seminars. Read here what makes a perfect picture for Evely Duis and what significance the graphic monitors from EIZO have for the work of the ColorEdge Ambassador.


The work

Creating images is something Evely loves. She doesn't just photograph what already exists, but develops an image from her own ideas. She has been photographing people since she started taking pictures. She currently works a lot with models for campaigns and editorials - a childhood dream come true. Besides photography, she is also a sought-after speaker for masterclasses and workshops. She loves to inspire people with her story and perspective on photography.


What is perfection?

Evely Duis is known for her pursuit of perfection and turning ideas into reality. Her focus is on conceptual fashion and portrait photography.

Evely comments: "A 'beautiful' picture alone is not good enough. It should touch the viewer, draw them into a story or make them think. Fashion and portrait photography can sometimes lack depth, but I try to create a unique image with heart and soul. A timeless image that always shows a small part of myself. A vulnerable side, a positive side, each photo has its own side of me. It's a collaboration with the team and their input."


She continued: "Perfection is not a boring image for me. It is an image that is in perfect balance. Everything in my photos is carefully constructed. From the backdrop to the choice of model to the styling, make-up and lighting. Because I have thought everything through, I focus on finding the perfect balance in the image. It's not that I ignore the technical details, but they have become so second nature to me that I no longer have to consciously think about how to get a sharp and well exposed image. This goes hand in hand with the confidence I have in my equipment to get the best out of my shots, so I can focus on what I see in the image itself.

When shooting, I make sure that I capture 80-90% of the atmosphere I want in the photo. Although I can improve many elements in post-processing, I prefer to create the right mood when shooting so that the image I envision is already captured in the frame."


I trust in EIZO

"For me, my equipment is a tool of the trade that I can't work without. During my shoot I have to deal with many different factors. Everything has to work in one picture. In my commercial work, it is also very important that the products look good. I think about the right colour, details in the texture and so on. So I don't have to worry about my equipment - it has to support me in my creative process."

"When I'm trying to create the best raw images possible, I know that I have the best basis for post-processing my images when I edit them on my EIZO monitor. When working with the EIZO CG2700S, I can focus entirely on the images I'm capturing. Since the monitor has a built-in sensor, I can easily calibrate my screen with the ColorNavigator 7 software. Once you're all set up, you can set it to send you a notification every few months and automatically calibrate your screen. That way I don't have to worry about it and know that my colours are always correct!

With other monitors, there are often reflections and colour differences at the edges. The EIZO ColorEdge monitors have a matte screen surface and the colours are the same in all corners of the screen. Perfect for editing!

The 27-inch screen size gives me the space I need to work properly. With the new USB Type-C port, I need fewer connections. Plus, I can charge my laptop instantly via the cable between the monitor and computer. The connectivity is even slimmer than before.

It saves me a lot of time because I know that the colours and tones on my screen are always correct. Whether I'm working in my studio or sitting behind my EIZO monitor at home. I feel much more confident when I send my images to a client."


About Evely Duis

Evely Duis, born in 1994, completed both her photography courses in Antwerp and Brussels with distinction. Today she concentrates on conceptual fashion and portrait photography, but is also successful in the field of corporate photography.

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