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To the monitors for design

Anyone who works professionally with graphic content must be able to rely on one thing: the digital image they see on their monitor is an accurate representation of the original image or concept. No matter whether you have drawn the file as an illustrator, visualised it as a designer or placed it in the appropriate layout, an EIZO ColorEdge monitor guarantees perfection.

ColorEdge from EIZO: Everyone sees the same

Regardless of whether you create digital content within a large agency, or as a freelancer - the digital creation processes always take place in collaboration with different colleagues, service providers, clients and customers, who can be located any where around the world. It makes no difference whether the file is created for the web, print or as a PDF. In all cases, colour and contrast play a decisive role. Therfore, you can only have a reliable discussion if everyone involved sees the same representation of the image.

Otherwise, consistency errors and correction loops are inevitable. These can cost time, money rattle nerves and, in the worst case, get rejected by the customer or client if the end result is incorrect. To avoid this, all those involved in the workflow must use monitors that are technically capable of displaying the colour and contrast accurately, for example, having a sufficiently large colour space. Additionally, the monitors must have the capability to be calibrated without loss, to maintain a constant, precise display over the years.

ColorEdge - made for creatives

EIZO ColorEdge monitors are made for exactly that: rich colours due to their large colour spaces, extremely finely graded contrasts becuases of the to the high-resolution LUT (Look-Up-Table) and the best homogeneity thanks to EIZO unique DUE (Digital Uniformity Equalizer) as well as loss-free hardware calibration - these are only a handful of the amazing features of the ColorEdge range from EIZO. With these, creative ColorEdge users can always be sure thet a getting a perfect and undistorted view of the displayed image - today and in five years' time.


From the multi to the all-rounder

The wide ColorEdge line-up covers the diverse needs of a wide range of creative professionals. This means that everyone can find their ideal ColorEdge model that exactly fits their own requirements in terms of equipment, size and, last but not least, budget.

The ColorEdge model range is divided into two series: the CS series and the CG series.
The CS series offers the demanding user the perfect basis for professional work. A monitor from the CG series goes one step further. It is the full professional and offers the maximum in comfort, performance and equipment. This means it meets the highest demands.

CS Series: Basic monitors for professional demands

For all creatives who demand absolute accuracy, the CS series is exactly the right solution.

  • Large colour space
  • 16-bit LUT for greatest colour depth
  • 10 bit colour representation
  • Homogeneous image representation through Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE)
  • EIZO Factory Calibration
  • Calibration software ColorNavigator included
  • Light protection bonnet optional

CG Series: High-end monitors for the highest demands

The latest technology, the most innovative features, the best equipment. In addition to the features of the CS series, the monitors of the CG series have additional features that catapult them into the absolute high-end league of graphics monitors.

  • All features of the CS series
  • Integrated sensor for automatic self-calibration
  • Richer depths and higher contrasts thanks to True Black Display
  • Light protection bonnet included

ColorEdge CG Series - Recalibration Automation

A calibration sensor is always required for recalibration. Within the EIZO ColorEdge CG range, the calibration sensor is uniquely built-in to the monitors bezel. This allows the calibration cycle to be automated and stress-free. The user can schedule the procedure for times when the monitor is not in use, providing a practical and unintrusive way for users whether they be; individual users, agencies, publishers, or companies with numerous ColorEdge monitors, to ensure continued colour accuracy.

Cross-location total solution with the ColorNavigator Network

The combination of ColorEdge monitors with its built-in calibration sensor, EIZO’s own ColorNavigator calibration software, and the ColorNavigator Network cloud solution makes it possible to centrally supervise, manage and maintain a consistent colour-managed workflow, even across continents. With ColorNavigator Network, a single administrator can manage all ColorEdge CG monitors with a built-in calibration sensor in the network. The administrator can set colour modes, schedule automatic self-calibration checks, enable key locks, register or adjust asset management settings, and import and export monitor settings for each individual workstation. For large projects with multiple production steps, this ensures the correct colour standards are used by all parties, and the monitors are recalibrated at the correct interval. Thanks to the built-in sensor, it is not necessary for an employee to visit and recalibrate each monitor individually, saving both time and company resources.

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