Graphic monitors for the printing industry and fine art printing

Monitors for the printing industry

Seeing the print result without printing - that's what you expect from the soft proof view of your software. For this to really work, you need a precise graphics monitor. With a ColorEdge from EIZO, you can be sure of getting a reliable view of the print output on the monitor.

Prerequisite for soft proof

Precision and color space coverage

WYSIWYG - "What you see is what you get" - this is exactly what you expect from your monitor. In the printing context, you always need the best possible ICC profile, which you use in the soft proof view to simulate the effects of the printer, printing process and printing medium as precisely as possible. But even the most precise profile is worthless if the monitor used does not offer the necessary precision or cannot visualize the colour space to be simulated at all. Other sources of error are weaknesses in homogeneity, color purity or tonal value breaks. If you want to get a really meaningful view of the print result on the monitor, there is simply no way around a graphics monitor.


Different tasks - one solution

Whether you're printing photos at home, producing large-format fine art prints for an exhibition or working on a brochure that will be printed in millions, a ColorEdge is just as well suited to simulating the common print color spaces in offset or digital printing (such as ISO Coated v2 or PSO Coated v3) as it is to simulating fine art printing on your own high-precision photo printer on your favorite baryta paper or externally produced prints on aluminum dibond at your preferred service provider.

ColorEdge monitors have an extremely large color space coverage of the relevant RGB color spaces AdobeRGB or DCI-P3. This ensures that the common print color spaces are also covered and a meaningful simulation of the CMYK color space and therefore the finished print result is guaranteed.


EIZO does everything it can to ensure that the monitor performs its work as unnoticed and precisely as possible so that users can concentrate fully on the creative aspects of their work. To meet this requirement, ColorEdge graphics monitors have numerous features: the highest quality panels with a large color gamut, high-precision factory calibration, homogeneous image representation across the entire display surface and lossless hardware calibration, which can even be fully automated in the CG series models.

Calibration software and validation function

A technically suitable and regularly recalibrated monitor is the basic prerequisite for a smooth soft proof workflow. However, a really effective overall solution is only created in combination with the right software. With ColorNavigator, the free calibration software from EIZO, regular recalibration of the monitor can be carried out quickly and easily. In combination with ColorEdge monitors from the CG series, recalibration can be fully automated and postponed to a time when the monitor is not in use.

The ColorNavigator offers a validation function to ensure that the precision of the image display corresponds to the specifications. CS series monitors can be validated in the RGB color space. For even greater precision, CG series monitors can also be validated in the CMYK color space and even take into account the complete workflow consisting of monitor, operating system and software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat).


Calibration of the monitor with the EIZO Color Navigator software.

Cross-location color management

The larger the number of team members, the more difficult it becomes to maintain a standardized workflow that is consistent for everyone. In large print shops, the same print products are printed at different locations. And the printed product should always look the same, regardless of where it was printed. To ensure that everyone involved gets the same visual impression of the same content, EIZO offers a total solution for a consistent color-accurate workflow across locations with the combination of ColorEdge CG series monitors, ColorNavigator calibration software and ColorNavigator Network quality control software.


CS series: Basic monitors for professional requirements

  • Large color space
  • 16-Bit LUT for maximum color depth
  • 10-bit color representation
  • RGB validation
  • Homogeneous image display thanks to Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE)
  • EIZO factory calibration
  • Modern connectivity via USB-C, HDMI and DisplayPort
  • ColorNavigator calibration software included
  • Optional light protection hood

CG series: high-end monitors for the highest demands

  • All features of the CS series
  • Integrated sensor for automatic self-calibration
  • Saturated depths and higher contrasts thanks to True Black Display
  • CMYK and RGB validation
  • Light protection cover included
  • Pre-calibrated presets for Rec.709, Rec.2020, DCI-P3
  • Pre-calibrated PQ and HLG HDR presets
  • Additional features for filmmakers such as Safe Area Marker, luminance and gamut warning
  • Modern connectivity via HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C or SDI (depending on model)

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