Radilight case study

More attentive and alert during diagnostics


It’s something radiologists know all too well: the ambient conditions that are perfect for spotting the smallest details during diagnostics – in other words, near pitch-black rooms – are not necessarily considered to be pleasant ones.

Employees at the Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at Oldenburg Hospital (Institut für Diagnostische und Interventionelle Radiologie des Klinikums Oldenburg) have also had this experience, which is why they decided to test out the RadiLight from EIZO. The experiment was a resounding success and now all diagnostics workstations are equipped with the comfort light from EIZO.

“We have been using EIZO monitors for diagnostics since 2008 because of their high quality and the well-rounded product portfolio”, explains Josef Pohlgeers, medical physicist in the radiology department at Oldenburg Hospital, about this decision. He continues: “We have never looked back since making our decision to go with EIZO as the monitors have continued to meet all of our expectations to this day. On top of that, we are also very happy with the service from EIZO. That’s why we would always choose EIZO monitors again in the future.”


Dr Sandeep Amin uses the RadiForce RX850 for diagnostics and the FlexScan EV2455 as an RIS console.

Almost all of the imaging techniques in the Radiology Department at Oldenburg Hospital are carried out and processed digitally. As usual, the department’s reading rooms are also kept dark to prevent the ambient light from having a disruptive influence as this can have a negative impact on the diagnostic results. Although these conditions ensure the highest diagnostic quality, many radiologists find them to be detrimental and feel that they put strain on their eyes in the long run. Plus, the darkness often makes it difficult to see the keys on the keyboard correctly and read any physical documents and notes they have with them, which is also often the case.

The comfort light Radilight

The goal during the development of the EIZO RadiLight comfort light was to increase comfort at diagnostic workstations and to maintain doctors’ concentration and productivity for as long as possible without reducing the quality of the diagnostic findings.

The RadiLight consists of an ambient light that immerses the back of the monitor in a comfortable, diffuse light, as well as a reading light on a swan neck that illuminates the desk space and keyboard without influencing the monitor display. Both light sources can be dimmed, allowing the ambient light conditions to be perfectly adjusted to user’s requirements. The RadiLight can be easily attached to the back of the monitor stand, meaning it does not take up valuable desk space. The monitor’s USB port acts the power supply and can be configured quickly and easily.


Around two years ago, the RadiLight was also introduced at the Oldenburg Institute on a trial basis. The participating radiologists were so impressed that every diagnostic workstation was then fitted with the comfort lights from EIZO. Josef Pohlgeers says: “RadiLight improves the well-being and the productivity of our employees while at the same time ensuring optimal conditions for diagnostics without the disruptive influence of ambient light.”

Thanks to the RadiLight, you’re a lot more attentive and alert during diagnostics. Plus, the small light at the end of the swan neck allows you to read documents at your workstation and the whole thing looks incredibly modern to boot.

Dr. Sandeep Amin

Assistant radiologist at Oldenburg Hospital