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Monitors for Control rooms

All monitors for control rooms

From traffic control centres and security control rooms to industrial facilities, admission controls and network control centres - EIZO products provide support in all areas where professional monitoring, emergency management and process control are required. Because these applications require permanently reliable solutions so that they can be used optimally, effectively and fail-safe even in critical infrastructures. Ergonomic features take top priority alongside reliability and image quality.

An overview of the advantages

  • Highest quality thanks to high-end components and innovative production technology
  • High reliability and long product life cycles
  • Long warranty periods and 24/7 guarantee (depending on model)
  • Customer-specific solutions for special requirements
  • Individual and direct support during presales and aftersales
  • Competent and fast support in case of service

Convincing image quality

The monitors achieve their outstanding viewing angle stability monitors through the use of innovative panel technologies. This ensures a clear view from every viewing direction is guaranteed. The EIZO LCDs offer anti-reflective surface that reduces reflections and is therefore noticeably easier on the eyes.

Optimum ergonomics

The Auto EcoView function on FlexScan models continuously measures the change in ambient light and optimises the display for ideal brightness values. Completely automatically by means of a sensor. The advantages: disturbing glare is reduced and the viewer's eyes do not tire so quickly.


Reliability that pays off

The special quality of all components and the high manufacturing, testing and inspection standards at EIZO guarantee an exceptionally high level of monitor reliability. This is reflected in long warranty periods and service lives, so that you benefit from absolute investment security. EIZO guarantees a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years for almost all FlexScan monitors and 2 years for DuraVision monitors. The DuraVision models in particular have been developed for 24-hour use.

Sustainability as the most outstanding feature

EIZO monitors are manufactured sustainably and responsibly in accordance with the latest environmental and highest quality standards and are equipped with sophisticated energy functions. This not only saves electricity, thereby protecting resources and the environment, but also guarantees a long service life.


Solutions for remote visualisation

EIZO’s IP decoding solutions enable the computerfree connection of multiple IP cameras for efficient video management in security and surveillance environments.

EIZO monitors in use

Case Studies


Everything under control at SBB

Take 350 train traffic professionals and 100 operational workstations, each with eight EIZO FlexScan EV2456 monitors - and more than 10,000 passenger and goods trains can be safely steered around the clock every day.

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EIZO IP Decoder Boxes and Office Monitors at KDDI

Japanese telecommunications company KDDI is equipping its monitoring rooms and office environment with DuraVision IP decoder boxes and FlexScan monitors.

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Empathy, supported with the latest technology

With monitors from EIZO, the operations centre of the Zurich city police has a full overview of all emergency messages in the city of Zurich.

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Edmonton Transit Service

The Canadian transport company Edmonton Transit Service uses an integrated video surveillance solution with EIZO IP decoding monitors and Genetec VMS to monitor train stations.

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Customer service that supports you

Customers can fully rely on highly qualified contact partners working in the back office and sales force. EIZO also offers individual on-site project support and assistance with technical questions, operation and installation. If your EIZO monitor needs to be repaired, it goes without saying that you will benefit from fast, expert support and an on-site replacement service, depending on the model.

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