Tells us about Edisen and your role there.

Edisen is a global full-service partner in communications, entertainment, post production, and MarTech. We have offices in the US, Europe, and Adia. Among our customers are, for example, Volvo, Nike, Amazon, Netflix, and SVT (Swedish Broadcast Union). My role as an IT manager includes keeping up to date with new technology tools and capabilities. Our offices must always have the best solutions to ensure world-class deliveries.

And that includes monitors?

Absolutely! We have three colorists who grade TV productions and films. This places very high demands on production quality, so our colorists always have to feel confident in the technology. In other words, everything has to work. It’s all about trust. Our colorists must be able to see precisely how an image looks.

How did you come to choose an EIZO monitor?

We’ve seen an increasing need for HDR content, among other things thanks to the many Netflix productions, so we had to respond with the right technological solutions, and especially colour grading monitors.

We already have several other models from EIZO, so I knew what they stand for. And we now needed a top-quality HDR monitor for reference work. I already knew how good EIZO was in terms of quality and personal support, so it was natural to compare their HDR monitor with others on the market.

Because there is a greater requirement today for advanced HDR, we have to use a thoroughly reliable reference monitor. We never compromise on the customer’s quality requirements, so it was natural to choose EIZO’s latest HDR colour grading monitor.


What clinched your decision?

Top quality combined with good, solid commitment! We chose EIZO’s latest HDR model, ColorEdge CG3146 with built-in calibration and a five-year warranty. It meets our needs for performance and function, and it provides accurate, completely reliable images.

EIZO’s accessibility and personal involvement played a big part in our choice of monitor. Technical solutions alone are not enough, we also need the best support at local level. Emailing someone in another country and waiting several days for a reply is simply not good enough.

The personal relationship is extremely important. And that’s exactly what EIZO provides; they care, and they’re there when we need them. This is important to us because the technology we use must work all the time, without fail. We have no spare monitors waiting on the shelf, so when we need support, we need it right away.

So, do you think you’ll be making more EIZO purchases?

Yes, indeed. I’m looking forward to a long, dependable relationship.

Tell us about quality assurance.

I work with all the major production houses in the country. Our customers make very tough demands; everything has to be perfect from studio design to the right choice of monitors for training and calibration. It means nothing less than quality assurance throughout the entire image processing chain. And that’s why I’m so confident working with EIZO. Their monitors are top class, they provide great support and a five-year warranty. If we need service, they fix things quickly through their own workshop in Stockholm. And because they offer loaner monitors, we avoid costly production stoppages.

Good Setup for Edisen

“I’ve been an EIZO dealer for more than 10 years,” says Pär Hörnell at Tiwia, who has been looking after the installation, training, and calibration of Edisen’s new HDR monitors. “We’ve created a really good setup for Edisen with the new reference monitor. Edisen delivers absolute world-class productions, and I see no limits when it comes to colour grading.”

CG3146 CG series
CG3146 ColorEdge

Its precise and colour-accurate reproduction across the entire luminance characteristic curve (EOTF) makes the CG3146 suitable for the entire 4K production workflow in HDR and SDR.

  • 78.9 cm (31.1 Inches)
  • 4096 x 2160 (4K), 17:9 Format
  • Dual Layer IPS (Wide Gamut, 10 Bit)
  • Integrated sensor for self-calibration
  • 78.9 cm (31.1 Inches)
  • 4096 x 2160 (4K), 17:9 Format
  • Dual Layer IPS (Wide Gamut, 10 Bit)
  • Integrated sensor for self-calibration