In this interview, GLS Bank Senior Consultant and Project Manager Martin Wiegers explains why the bank made the deliberate decision to switch to EIZO’s FlexScan monitor series:

EIZO: How did you first become aware of EIZO’s products?

Martin Wiegers: Of course, EIZO was a household name as far as monitor manufacturers were concerned; the excellent reviews spoke for themselves. We first made contact with EIZO via the EIZO Key Account Manager, and then worked with them to get the project under way.

EIZO FlexScan monitors in use at GLS Bank’s offices

Sustainability is a key issue for your business. How big a factor was it in your choice of monitors?

We know that it’s difficult to produce technical equipment like monitors in a completely sustainable way, but that doesn’t stop sustainability being a really important factor for us.  EIZO has set high standards for sustainability that are clear and easy to understand. The monitors are produced in Japan and they have advanced energy-saving modes, which means they consume less energy.

EIZO monitors also have very long service lives, which is another important point when it comes to sustainability. It means we can use them for a lot longer than less durable models before we have to replace them, which helps us to conserve natural resources.

What would you say the other advantages of EIZO monitors are?

There are a few! Its outstanding picture quality, the excellent build quality, great connectivity, the long five-year guarantee with the on-site replacement warranty, its sleek, ergonomic design and the long service life, for instance.

Double EV2450 monitors at GLS Bank

What do you use the two models for in your offices?

We use the EV2750 in our Communications and Development Department and where our staff are working on large tables and spreadsheets. The EV2450s are generally set up as double monitors, especially in Customer Services, where they are used to display and run multiple applications at the same time.

You’re using a lot of these monitors now. How has your experience been so far? Can you give us any user feedback?

The feedback has certainly been very positive. In particular, people are telling us that the new monitors – the EIZO screens – reduce eye strain, which helps to prevent headaches. The colour is very good and gets a lot of plaudits as well.

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